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Becoming a top creator on OnlyFans is all about being consistent with high-quality content and growing your profile. With time and effort, you’ll watch your followers and popularity increase on the platform. This leads to a direct boost in your subscriber fees and OnlyFans income. 

To unlock this growth, you need to learn how to get followers on OnlyFans. This is the easiest way to advance your career on the platform. This article outlines the importance of followers on OnlyFans, the principles of promoting your profile, and explains 20 of the best methods for growing OnlyFans followers. 

Are followers important on OnlyFans?

As a beginner creator, one of your most important tasks is growing your followers on OnlyFans. This is because followers are necessary to pay subscription fees to your content, interact with your posts, make tips, and patronize your custom content and pay-per-view offers. 

If you want to learn how to get popular on OnlyFans, your followers are the answer. You need to learn how to get followers on OnlyFans first, and then build your popularity till fans are streaming in on their own. Even then, the work to gain more followers never stops until you’re firmly at the top of the high-ranking OnlyFans creators. 

For an OnlyFans creator, it’s important to also have followers on other social media platforms. These followers form a significant part of your sales funnel and advertising opportunities for OnlyFans content. Converting these followers on platforms like Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter into OnlyFans subscribers can greatly boost your popularity as a new creator. 

On OnlyFans, the number of followers you have, amount of likes, and interactions with your post are key metrics for success. They’re factors other creators and brands will consider before collaborating with you, and elements users look out for when subscribing to new accounts. 

Even when you do gain followers, you must maintain their loyalty to ensure they keep subscribing to your content. You can now understand how important OnlyFans followers really are to any creator, so carefully read this article on how to grow your OnlyFans. 

Basic principles of promoting your OnlyFans

When learning how to get a following on OnlyFans, there are certain principles you must consider. These are important information to remember as you grow followers and popularity on the platform. 

The first principle is that OnlyFans profile growth requires a lot of hard work and commitment, and is a constant job. You need to be consistent with posting new content, interacting with followers, and promoting your posts. As a creator, it’s important to set reasonable and achievable milestones, which will help you measure growth over certain periods. 

The second principle is that social media is your primary strategy for building popularity on OnlyFans. It’s a deep well of potential traffic for your profile and posts, and a great method to build subscribers, which we’ll explain later. Social media is a vital aspect of your OnlyFans sales funnel and important when answering “How do you get fans on OnlyFans.”

The problem with using social media is that many platforms don’t allow explicit nudity and adult content on their platform, so if that’s your content niche, you’re restricted. This leads to the third principle, which is about direct and indirect links to your OnlyFans content. 

The third principle provides a solution for sharing links on social media platforms that restrict explicit adult content. You should always check the regulations of these apps, to confirm their nudity restrictions. If they do, you can share links to a reference landing page, where you can post direct links to your OnlyFans content. 

The fourth principle is about your privacy and security when promoting content and growing OnlyFans followers. Whether you’re an anonymous creator or not, it’s important to be careful with your personal information, especially when interacting with potential followers. If you’re staying anonymous, be careful not to share content with identifying marks. 

20 best ways to get followers on OnlyFans

There are several effective methods on how to get followers on OnlyFans, which can help to grow your subscribers, and popularity on the platform. We explain these methods in details below:

1. Optimize your OnlyFans Profile

One of the most important processes in growing your OnlyFans followers is to optimize your creator’s profile. The platform offers multiple features to make you as appealing to OnlyFans users as possible. These features include the details on your profile, such as your profile picture and banner. 

Make sure your profile picture and banner have high quality and attractive photos to catch users’ attention. There is a short bio, which should be a brief paragraph summarizing your personality as a creator, content niche and available services, and your appreciation for fans. These features can make or break a user’s decision to subscribe to your profile. 

2.Be consistent with posting high-quality content

To keep gaining more followers and popularity on OnlyFans, you have to be consistent with your posts and ensure your content has good quality. This means regularly posting new photos and videos to your feed, which will keep your followers coming back for more. A helpful tip is to create a content calendar to guide what and how often you post new content. 

When creating quality content, you need to be authentic and keep to your niches. You also need to be creative when making content and experiment with different formats, whether written, audio, photos, or written. Play around with different themes, outfits, and kinks if you’re into adult content. 

3.Use relevant hashtags in your posts

When posting new content to OnlyFans, it’s important to use relevant hashtags to make your posts more discoverable for users. Research for trending hashtags on the platform, such as the popular #OnlyFans and #OnlyFansCreator. Try to use a mix of generally popular hashtags and tags that are specific to your content niche. 

Using this mix of hashtags will expose your posts to a wider audience, who are likely to check out your profile after. It’s important to not use too many hashtags, or you risk spamming your followers and users, which can turn them off your profile. This is a great method when learning how to grow your OnlyFans. 

4.Engage and interact with existing followers

You can’t build a presence on OnlyFans without building good professional relationships with your existing audience. You need to engage with your OnlyFans followers as often as you post new content, to keep them coming back for more. When they comment on posts, they like and reply to their messages. 

You can interact through regular question-and-answer sessions on your profile or live streams with users. You can also share behind-the-scenes content, to give them an insight to your world and how you make content. Your followers can also send in their own content, which you can repost to show appreciation. 

5.Collaborate with other content creators

One of the best methods to grow on OnlyFans is to collaborate with bigger creators on the platform. This will help to access a larger audience of users and build good relationships within your niche and the OnlyFans community. 

A great way to connect with other creators is by using social media platforms to find popular ones in your niche. There is also the “Collaborate” feature on OnlyFans itself, which allows you to propose collaborations with other creators and helps to streamline the process. 

6.Shout Outs and Cross Promotions

A shout-out is another good method, which you can use when collaborating with other creators. You can pay for a one-way shoutout of your profile or do a shoutout for shoutout (S4S) to boost your popularity on the platform. Shoutouts help to expose you to other creators’ followers, which is a larger audience. 

When learning how to get a following on OnlyFans, cross promotions are another great tool to use. You can work with other creators to promote each person’s profile and posts on your own account. This way, everyone accesses a wider audience and gains more followers. 

7.Use rewards, discounts, and other offers

On OnlyFans, you can increase your followers by offering them juicy deals like rewards and discounts. This can be discounts on your subscription fees or packages where they pay for longer access periods. You can also offer personalized content to followers, like custom videos, to attract them to that offer. 

Another juicy offer you can use is exclusive content for your subscribers, to incentivize other fans to subscribe to your content. You can host exclusive events or restrict certain features like private messaging to only your followers. 

8.Use the OnlyFans “promote” feature

When learning how to get popular on OnlyFans, the “promote” feature is very important for the process. This is an in-built tool on the platform that allows creators to promote their posts and accounts to a larger audience from one place.  

The promotion tool offers various options to fine-tune your promotions so that your posts reach the right audience. There are audience targeting options to filter your audience to people with interest in your niche who are likely to follow and subscribe. Also use the OnlyFans analytics tool to track your promotions and post performance, which will help you to increase effectiveness. 

9.Promote on Reddit

One of the best ways to promote your OnlyFans content and profile is through social media platforms like Reddit. On Reddit, you can join communities (subreddits) to meet with other people with similar interests. As a creator, you can join subreddits with a focus on your content niche or OnlyFans promotions. 

On Reddit, you can also place a direct link to your OnlyFans page in your bio. This is a good platform to meet potential followers and other content creators and build your popularity in a community. However, be careful about posting explicit adult content on Reddit, as there are restrictions against open nudity. 

10.Promote on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool when learning how to get followers on OnlyFans and boost your popularity. It’s one of the few social media apps that allows explicit adult links on the platform, so you can easily post your links on your bio and in tweets. Twitter is full of creators advertising their content, whether adult or not, so you need to jump on it. 

On Twitter, you can use OnlyFans hashtags to streamline your audience. You can also easily meet and network with other creators, who can invite you to retweet and shoutout groups. There are engagement threads, where you can share teaser content. These threads can get really popular on the platform and expose you to a large niche audience. 

11.Promote on TikTok

TikTok is currently one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and has huge advertising potential for OnlyFans creators. However, when promoting on TikTok you need to be careful about its privacy guidelines and nudity restrictions. It’s advisable to post links to another platform where you can redirect to your OnlyFans profile and content links. 

To grow your popularity on TikTok as an OnlyFans creator, you need to closely monitor trends on the platform. Create content that relates to these trends and also to your content niche, and drop teasers to make your fans check out your OnlyFans profile. You can show partial nudity by wearing bikinis, costumes, or censoring your content. 

12.Promote on Snapchat 

Snapchat is another social media platform to use when learning how to get more followers on OnlyFans. There are features like Snapchat stories, which can be for public or private views,  and where you can post teasers and actual explicit content to attract more followers. 

On your story, you can post direct links to your OnlyFans content and profile, and see how many views and shares you get. There is also the spotlight feature, which allows you to create and share short videos, like TikTok. With this feature, you can post teaser content for new posts and advertise your services on OnlyFans. 

13.Promote on Telegram

OnlyFans creators often come together to collaborate and promote each other’s content, which is one of the easiest ways to grow followers. One of the platforms they use to plan these collaborations is Telegram, where you can create groups for various purposes. There are two popular types for OnlyFans promotions, Shout-out groups and networking groups. 

The shoutout groups help you find other creators willing to do shoutout collaborations, while the networking groups help you to meet other creators in your niche or popular on OnlyFans. Typically, you need a minimum follower count to join different levels of groups, so find one that accepts your current level as a creator. 

14.Promote on Instagram

Although it has a huge amount of traffic and can be a great advertising opportunity, you should be careful with Instagram. The platform isn’t friendly to OnlyFans creators and heavily restricts nude and sexually explicit content. Despite its restrictions, it’s still a good option for how to grow your OnlyFans.

You can post safe-for-work (SFW) content on Instagram or keep your posts only sexually suggestive. Creators do this by wearing sexy clothing, costumes, or bikinis, but avoid full frontal nudity. You can also share links to other social media platforms that have your OnlyFand direct links, like Twitter or Snapchat. 

15.Use third-party OnlyFans search sites

OnlyFans itself notoriously has a limited search feature to protect its creators’ privacy. The solution to this is third-party search websites, where potential subscribers can find creators through different filters, such as their niche or body type. Some of these third-party sites allow creators to pay for ads on their platforms. 

These ads on search sites push your profile to the top of search results when a user inputs your niche or body type. This is great visibility for your profile, as users are more likely to click the top search results, which is guaranteed traffic for your OnlyFans page. 

16.Use an OnlyFans Agency

If you’re great at thinking or producing content, but not at promotions, sales, and growth strategy, there’s a solution for you on how to get a following on OnlyFans. There are OnlyFans agencies that can handle your marketing and growth strategy, for a fee or percentage of your income. 

If you have great potential as an OnlyFans content creator, some agencies cover all your upfront costs to start on the platform and recoup after your success. An agency is a great way to keep your focus on creating quality content while they handle growing your subscribers. 

17.Use Adult Tube sites

Adult Tube sites are another good advertising option for promoting OnlyFans content because of their immense amount of daily traffic. These include popular porn sites like Pornhub, xVideos, xHamster, YouPorn, and Spankbang. They are very open to creators of nude and explicit adult content. 

On these tube sites, it’s best to share teaser content to get users to check out your OnlyFans profile. Creators can also share longer freebie content, which is great to boost your popularity. You can post links to your OnlyFans in your bio and encourage fans to check it out. 

18.Use Adult Cam sites

Along with Adult Tube sites, there are Adult webcam sites where you can host live cams with your fans. There are popular webcam sites like Myfreecams, LivePrivates, FapChat, and Chaturbate, which have no restrictions against nudity and explicit adult content. 

On these cam sites, you can generate interest in your private room and cams, and then promote your OnlyFans profile as your viewers build. You can also encourage fans to message you privately for more offers, where you can sell them on subscribing to your content. This is a good method for organically increasing your OnlyFans followers. 

19.Promote on Dating sites

Dating apps are another useful tool when learning how to get followers on OnlyFans. There are apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr, where you can meet a lot of potential subscribers. From these platforms, you can match with people and introduce them to your OnlyFans content. 

When using dating sites to promote your OnlyFans, be careful to only match with people you think are potential subscribers. Don’t place your OnlyFans profile and content links in your bio, only mention it in private messages with matches. 

20.Features and Recommendations on OnlyFans newsletters

A great way to expose your posts and profile to a new audience of potential OnlyFans followers is through OnlyFans newsletters. A feature or recommendation on these publications can greatly boost your visibility on the platform and increase your credibility as a creator to OnlyFans users. 

The best part of these letters is that they rotate featuring creators under a specific niche, so you can access a target audience. The OnlyFans algorithm that chooses which creators to feature isn’t public knowledge, but you can influence why posting high-quality content, is engaging, and consistent with your activity. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are answers to some popular questions about how to get followers on OnlyFans and grow your popularity on the platform:

How do you get fans on OnlyFans while anonymous?

If you’re an anonymous OnlyFans creator, it might be a bit more difficult to grow your followers. You can explore some of our methods above that don’t include social media, like an agency, the “promote” feature, and collaborations with other creators. You can also geo-block people from the same city or country as you on OnlyFans, to minimize their chances of finding you. 

How long does it take to grow a following on OnlyFans?

Promoting your OnlyFans profile is a continuous task as a content creator. You need to keep growing and maintaining your fans and subscribers. However, when you’re starting and consistent with your high-quality posts and activity, your OnlyFans followers increase quickly. Within a few weeks to a few months, you’ll see significant progress in your OnlyFans growth. 


Learning how to get followers on OnlyFans and promote your profile can be a very simple process. We covered 20 of the best methods that are helpful for how to get popular on OnlyFans, so implementing any of our methods can significantly boost your growth on the platform. 

You can explore social media platforms, OnlyFans agencies, and in-built promotion features on OnlyFans itself. These, and our answers to your frequently asked questions, will help you on how to grow your OnlyFans. Try them out and thank us later. 


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