how to sell feet pics online safely

When you learn how to sell feet pics, you will very quickly realize that you are running a business. Just like all businesses, you are at risk of being scammed. It happens. Sometimes, there is not a whole lot that you can do about it. However, there are some ways that you can cut down the risk. On this page, we want to teach you how to sell feet pics without getting scammed.

This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about safely selling feet pics online. If you are about to dive into selling feet pictures for the first time, then we reckon that this page is going to be a must-read. 

Are There Dangers of Selling Feet Pictures?

We won’t lie. There are some dangers with selling feet pictures. If you follow our selling feet pic tips, then you should be able to avoid the vast majority of those issues without any problem. In fact, the biggest issue that you are likely to have if you are selling feet pics online is getting scammed, but we are going to tell you exactly how to avoid that.

Of course, there is going to be a risk of somebody working out who you are. Although, if you try to share a minimum amount of information, and only use proper websites when you are selling your feet pics, then you should be able to keep most of that to a minimum. We won’t be telling you how to stay anonymous when you are selling feet pics online here. This is because our goal here is to prevent scamming. We have written guides elsewhere on this website that can help with that! 

How Can I Sell My Feet Pictures Without Getting Scammed?

So, let’s talk about how you can sell feet pics without being scammed. Trust us, it is a whole lot easier than you may think. Although, you are going to need to put a bit of effort into things. We will tell you exactly what you need to do to drastically cut the risk of being scammed.

Sell on a Reputable Platform

We will discuss this in a bit more depth later on. However, it is important that you make sure that you only sell feet pics on a reputable platform. Right away, this will massively cut the risk of you being scammed because:

  • The online platform will handle all payments for you. They will only send your pictures when people pay for them.
  • If anybody files a chargeback, they will work hard to ensure that the seller gets the money that they are owed.
  • Anybody that is known for scamming will be banned from the platform, helping to protect sellers.
  • People are much less likely to carry out scams through reputable platforms. When you hear of scams of the world of adult entertainment, most of the time it will be through direct sales.

Our favorite site for selling foot fetish content is Feetify. In a couple of sections, we will give a complete feet pics website review. This way, you will learn more about Feetifyoutside of the world of scams.

Don’t Share Personal Details

The more details you share when you are selling feet pics, the more chance you have of being scammed. A lot of scammers spend a bit of time getting to know their ‘mark’. They make their mark feel like their friend. Don’t fall into this trap.

While it is good to speak to your customers regularly. This is because those people will be providing the bulk of your income, you should only share what you feel comfortable sharing. In our opinion, the following information is a big ‘no’ to sharing if you want to make sure that the risk of you being scammed online is minimal:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Location

You may even want to ensure that you cut back on the number of things that can identify you in a picture. So, make sure that you don’t wear location-based shirts, including product packaging, or even your face in pictures. The more personal stuff you include in a picture, the more likely it is that you will end up being the victim of a scam.

We always tell feet pic sellers to only share pictures of their feet and, at the most, a bit of nudity (it pays more), if somebody wants to get to know you on a much deeper, personal level then you should probably ignore them. No good will ever come of it. In fact, there is a good chance that it will end up being quite dangerous! 

Don’t Share Banking Information

One of the main reasons why you should be spending most of your time selling through reputable websites is that you don’t want to be sharing your banking information with people directly. You want to put that information only in the hands of people that you can trust.

Now, realistically, people can’t do much with the name of your accounts, bank account number, etc. They won’t be able to steal cash from you. There are far too many protections in place. However, they can use this information to find out your full name, address, etc. and this can make it easier to scam you.

Don’t Share Email Addresses (Personal Ones)

When you sell feet pics online, we suggest that you get an email address specifically for selling feet pics. It will help you to stay anonymous, as well as make it less likely that you will be a victim of a scam.

When you share personal email addresses with people, it isn’t too difficult to work out what your full name is. There is also a slight risk that people will send phishing emails to you, which would make it even easier for them to scam you.

When you have an email address specifically for your feet picture-selling business, make sure that you only read emails from reputable sources i.e. the platforms that you are using, your payment processor, etc. Never open random emails. 

Watermark Your Images

Unfortunately, when you start to become a bit successful on any platform, people will steal your content and post it for free. There isn’t anything that you can do about this. While you can send DMCA notices to the websites that host your content, it is an uphill battle. People will always post it.

The problem is so bad that even the biggest names in the adult entertainment business have given up trying to protect their content. Instead, they are embracing the fact that people are stealing their content. Obviously, content theft is never really a good thing, but you can take strides to put it to work for you.

We suggest that you watermark all of the content that you produce. It doesn’t have to be a big watermark. In fact, we suggest that it isn’t a big watermark as it is just annoying to potential customers. You just want a small piece of text in one of the corners.

What you put in the corner is up to you. We recommend that you include a link to your Feetify profile. This way if people do discover your stolen content, you may be able to get a sale out of it. 

Ignore People That Need a ‘Rush’ Order

In our experience, anybody who requests a ‘rush’ order tends to be a scammer, and there are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, nobody really needs feet pics in a hurry. Seriously. We get that people love feet pics, but they probably don’t need to satiate their needs there and then.

A lot of people who request a rush order promise to tip properly if you manage to deliver on time. Guess what? Most of them will not tip. You have just the content for no benefit at all. It probably wouldn’t even be your best content either, since you would have rushed to complete it.

The main reason why we ignore rush orders, however, is the fact that people request rush orders to prevent you from doing your due diligence. A lot of people seem to believe that if you get it into your head that the content needs to be delivered quickly, you won’t even check to see whether they are legit customers.

You may be able to get away with doing rush orders for customers that you have worked with in the past. However, you should avoid doing it for anybody new.

Don’t Send Pics Before Somebody Pays You

Guess what? If you send feet pics before somebody pays you, you are going to get scammed. It doesn’t matter how much somebody insists they will pay you when those pictures are delivered, it is never going to happen. Avoid it. 

Once again, you may be able to avoid this if you have worked with a customer for a while. If they have always paid you before you sent the pictures, and you know that they paid, you may be able to send pics before payment later on. Although, we wouldn’t really recommend it. Just because somebody didn’t scam you in the past doesn’t mean they won’t be scamming you now, right?

Don’t Accept Gift Cards as Payment

This is a massive no. Never, ever accept gift cards as a payment.

Firstly, you have no way to determine the value of a gift card until you have actually tried to spend it. This means that somebody could underpay you for the work that you have done, which you probably don’t want to happen.

Secondly, gift cards are normally ‘stolen’. You have seen those scams where people ask their ‘mark’ to buy gift cards, right? Well, those gift cards end up being charged back. This means that you will have ended up with something that has no value. In some countries, it may even be a crime to try and use that gift card to pay for something!

The person who sends you the gift card will likely have the unique number on the gift card too. This means that they can spend the cash before you do. In rare cases, we have even seen gift cards shared between multiple picture sellers. 

Use a Fake Name When Selling Online

We covered this briefly before, but make sure that you are always using a fake name when selling online. Don’t even give your real name to your regular customers. If you can create a decent online persona, then there is a much, much lower chance that you will end up getting scammed by people. 

How To Sell Feet Pics Safe By Choosing The Right Selling Platform 

So, now that is out of the way, let’s help you find a great website for selling your feet pics online and staying safe. As we have already mentioned, the only site that we would recommend is Feetify. It is the top foot fetish website in the world, and this is because it takes great strides to ensure that its customers are protected.

This section is meant to be a very quick review of Feetify. Hopefully, by reading this, you should get a feel for whether this website is right for you or not. Hint: if you sell feet pics online, it probably is the right website for you. 

Scammers are Banned

Obviously, Feetify can’t protect you from all scammers. However, if Feetify notices that somebody is trying to scam others, they will be banned from the platform. Not just their account, but the payment method that they used.

If you are the victim of a scam, then Feetify will always be working to get you your money back. They may not always succeed, but they will do their best.

In addition to this, Feetify will not share your personal details with anybody. They will keep all your information locked behind their secure servers. This means that you never have to worry about people working out who you are. 

Yes. You will have to pay a 20% commission on all your sales to Feetify . However, as you dive into the rest of the benefits of the platform, you will find it is more than worth it. Plus, the lower risk of being scammed means that you will probably end up making more money overall anyway. 

Lots of Buyers

This is the largest foot fetish website in the world. As a result, Feetify always has a ton of buyers kicking about the platform. More potential buyers mean that there will be more people to sell your content to. This means that you can make a lot more money on the platform.

Regular Marketing

Feetify is constantly growing. Tons of new people sign up every single week. This is all thanks to the fantastic marketing that the company does. They are always trying to bring in more customers. Once again, this is going to mean more potential buyers for your content.

Set Your Own Content Prices

Feetify doesn’t tell you what to sell your content at. You can set any price that you want, even for free. This means that you can price your pictures however you please, which could potentially lead to you making even more money.

Remember, Feetify will always collect payment before your pictures are sent. This means that you will always get paid for any pictures sold through the platform. Feetify makes sure of it. This basically eliminates the main scam that people need to deal with in the world of adult entertainment. 

Sell Custom Content

Want to make even more cash when you sell feet pics online? You will be pleased to know that Feetify allows you to sell custom content to people.

Once again, you are going to be protected. If you attempt to sell custom content without Feetify , then you run the risk of producing content and somebody not paying for it.

Feetify requires people to make payments before you send them their content. You will be able to come up with a decent price for the content before you send it too. So, you don’t even have to worry about people underpaying you for your work. 

Sell Subscriptions

While this isn’t really something that will prevent you from being scammed, it is an extra way to make some cash when you are selling feet pics online. Subscriptions are going to be the ‘bread and butter’ for most content sellers, and Feetify is one of the only foot fetish websites that will allow you to sell subscriptions.

Allows Nudity

Most feet pic selling websites do not allow nudity. Feetify does. This actually helps to prevent being scammed. Before Feetify came along, if you wanted to sell feet pics with nudity, you would have very few options. A few people would actually try and sell feet pics directly. By now, you know that this is going to do nothing other than lead to a person being scammed.

Because Feetify allows nudity, not only can you make a ton more cash selling through the platform, but you are always going to get paid for your work. Nobody is going to steal your nudes! 

Fast Payouts

Feetify pays quickly. A lot of feet selling websites often ask you to wait for ages and ages to get paid. Sometimes, they feel like a scam. Not Feetify. As soon as you have earned $30 through their platform, you can get paid. The payments are exceedingly quick too, it should never take more than 3-5 days to land in your bank account.

Once again, nobody will know your bank account details. Only Feetify , cutting down the risk of scammers. 


What Are The Best Safe Sites To Sell Feet Pictures?

We recommend that you only stick to reputable websites if you want to sell feet pics without getting scammed. One of the best platforms that you can use to sell feet pictures is Feetify, and it is the one where we sell our feet pics.

Is It Dangerous To Sell Feet Pics?

Not if you take proper precautions, no. If you take proper precautions when you are selling feet pics online, then we see no reason why selling feet pics will be any more dangerous than selling anything else online. Simple as that.

What Are The Best Tips For Selling Feet Pics?

If you want to ensure that your feet pics sell well, then it is important that you take the time to price them correctly. This will guarantee that they sell more often, and this will put more cash in your pocket. Make sure that you deliver custom content when people ask for it too. Most of your money will be made like that.

Is It Legal To Sell Feet Pics?

As long as the content it is not sexual, then it is legal to sell feet pics at any age. If you are going to be using a website that deals with foot fetish content, then you have to be over the age of 18 if you want to sell feet pics. Your age will always need to be verified! 


As you can see, when it comes to learning how to sell feet pics without getting scammed, it isn’t that difficult. As long as you use a bit of common sense and stick to only selling your feet pics at the most reputable websites (e.g. Feetify), then you should be 100% fine selling your feet pics without any issues. You can sell them without worrying about getting scammed, which is awesome!

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