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If you ask somebody to recommend a feet-selling website, 99% of the time, they will tell you to head to FeetFinder. No surprise. This site is the largest feet pic selling platform in the world. But, is FeetFinder legit? More importantly, does FeetFinder work? Let’s explain, shall we?

This is a blend of a FeetFinder review and highlights of the website. Hopefully, by the end of this page you can answer the question ‘Is FeetFinder a legit thing?’ This is one of the FeetFinder reviews for sellers, but we are sure that buyers can get something out of this page too! 

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is a foot fetish website. Think of it as being similar to OnlyFans but for feet. It is jam-packed with both women and men looking to sell their feet photos, as well as people buying them. While there are several different feet pic selling websites out there, FeetFinder is by far the largest of them all.

FeetFinder boasts a wealth of different features that attract both buyers and sellers there.

Tons of Users

This benefits both buyers and sellers and is proof that FeetFinder is legit.

Sellers benefit from the fact that there are a lot of people looking to buy pictures on FeetFinder. As one of the legit websites to sell feet pics, the more buyers, the more potential there is for a person to make money through the platform. Honestly, with the number of buyers on FeetFinder, you will be surprised at how easy it is to make cash, even when you are a newbie seller.

On the buying front, the sheer number of potential buyers on the platform means that it is far, far easier to find somebody that you really like the look of. It doesn’t matter what type of feet you are into, we are confident that you can find somebody on FeetFinder that will cater to your interests.

The best part is that as more and more people realize that FeetFinder is a legit site, the number of people heading to the platform increases every single day. There is always something new to buy there, or there is always somebody new to try and shift your feet photos to.

Custom Photos

One of the big problems with many of the other major websites that allow you to sell feet pics is the fact that it is exceedingly difficult to make huge sums of cash. You see, the real money in selling feet pics comes from custom photos. If you aren’t producing custom photos, your options are severely limited.

FeetFinder makes it easy for sellers to sell custom photos to their legions of adoring fans. This is why there are some people kicking about on FeetFinder that are making thousands and thousands of dollars per month! There are very few other platforms where you can come close to making that sort of cash. 

No Fixed Pricing

A lot of people’s main question about FeetFInder is ‘Can you make money on FeetFinder?’. The answer; absolutely! You will be surprised at just how easy it is to make money on the platform. This is because you are free to set your prices for your content.

If you hunt around our website, we do give you a bit of information on what we believe you should be setting your content at price-wise. However, you are free to set your content at whatever price that you want.

We actually feel that this is one of the hallmarks of a legit website. It is clear that FeetFinder cares about its sellers otherwise it wouldn’t give them this sort of control over their profiles. 

Fast Payouts

Do you know the hallmark of a scammy website? One that tries to not pay you. We have encountered a lot of them in our time. Thankfully, FeetFinder is not one of these websites.

FeetFinder takes payouts seriously. As soon as a seller earns $30 through their platform, they can withdraw the cash. The money will be sent directly to their bank account without any issues.

We have encountered a lot of people over the years that have used FeetFinder, and we are one of them. We have never encountered any issues with payouts through the platform. This is how reputable FeetFinder is.

If you live in the US, the company will even give you the documents that you need to file your tax returns, which is further proof of how legit FeetFinder is. 

Active Marketing of FeetFinder

Again, another demonstration that FeetFinder is not a scam website. This is a company that spends bucketloads of cash on marketing, and they have done for years. Trust us, if this website had even a hint of being a scam, they wouldn’t be investing anywhere near as much cash as they do into marketing. They would change their name regularly, so it wouldn’t even be worth advertising themselves to people.

Of course, away from the whole discussion as to whether FeetFinder is a scam or not, you will also be pleased to know that active marketing benefits both buyers and sellers. It means more and more people on the platform, and this means more potential customers and more potential sellers!

Pros of FeetFinder

This isn’t meant to be a review of FeetFinder. However, we do feel as if discussions into the pros/cons of FeetFinder will really help people to understand the answer to the question ‘Is FeetFinder legit?`. Let’s start with the pros.

As we said before, there are a lot of people on FeetFinder. It is the most active foot fetish website online. If you are a seller, this means that you don’t have to hunt around for your customers. Everybody that could possibly want to buy your photographs is going to be right there at your fingertips. This means a lot of potential sales. You can’t get this with websites like Shutterstock or Tinder where it is going to be an uphill battle to find somebody remotely interested in picking up pictures from you. As a result, you can expect to make a lot more cash through FeetFinder than any other website.

Of course, the whole making money part is further enhanced by the fact that you can sell custom pictures and set your own pricing. You can even set up subscriptions for your content. So, the longer you stick around on FeetFinder, the bigger your customer base will be, and the more money you will end up making from the platform. 

This is a website that also takes the security of its customers seriously. While you will have to provide your ID to FeetFinder when you sell (for legal purposes), this information will never be shared with customers, and the team at FeetFinder goes to huge lengths to ensure that this happens.

Of course, there are tons more advantages on top of this. Although, we don’t really want to bog you down with a ton of information about the pros and cons of FeetFinder because, as we said, this isn’t really meant to be a review of the platform. It is more of a guide to helping you decide whether FeetFinder is a legitimate website or not.

Cons of FeetFinder

There isn’t a single website out there that is perfect, and FeetFinder is no exception to that rule. Although, thankfully, there are no issues that make this a site where you are likely to get ‘scammed’. The only issue is with marketing. 

A lot of people who sign up for FeetFinder believe that they can make money right away. You probably can. We have seen a few people make money with very little effort. However, if you want to become one of the top sellers on FeetFinder, you will need to actively market yourself through social media. The more you advertise yourself ‘off platform’, the more chance you have of gaining a few sales on the platform. Although, this applies to pretty much every platform out there. Very few platforms will market for you. Well, not until they have proven that you are one of the top sellers on the platform, and this may take a while.

The withdrawals on FeetFinder can be a little bit slow (around 5 working days), but this isn’t really a problem with FeetFinder. They approve every withdrawal manually to ensure that no scamming takes place through the platform. This slows down the process a bit, but it does mean that withdrawals, etc. are legit. 

Is FeetFinder Legit?

Absolutely. As we have said several times, we have used FeetFinder extensively over the years, both as a buyer and a seller. There is nothing about the website that even hints that it is anything but legit.

In fact, a lot of people have tried to look into a FeetFinder scam over the years (you will find countless posts online about it), and absolutely nobody has ever been able to come up with anything. Sure, there have been a couple of complaints here and there (every website will get them eventually), but not once has there ever been an indication that FeetFinder is anything other than legit.

Honestly, check out the website yourself. It is free to sign up and start selling your photos. You will see how many other sellers there are there. Many of them are maintaining successful OnlyFans accounts, etc. Trust us, under absolutely no circumstances would they ever be sticking around on a website like FeetFinder if they didn’t believe it to be 100% legit. We wouldn’t even be writing this article if we believed that FeetFinder was a scam. There would be no sense. We would be telling you to steer clear of it.

If you want further proof that the site is not a scam, then head on over to the website now and have a look around. See how many profiles there are. See how many people are subscribed to some of the top sellers on FeetFinder. You will see that it isn’t a scam. Absolutely nothing about the site even hints that it is.

You can even check the social accounts for FeetFinder for even more proof that the site is legit. They have tons and tons of fans, and they regularly interact with their customers. This should give you peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands when you use FeetFinder. 

Can You Get Scammed on FeetFinder?

As with all websites that have some sort of sales, there is a risk of being scammed. It happens, and it isn’t the fault of FeetFinder. There are just some awful people out there. Thankfully, FeetFinder does have a few processes in place that will reduce the risk of somebody being scammed when they use the platform.

For starters, FeetFinder will block any customer that initiates a chargeback. They won’t just block the customer, but they will block the card that they used. This means that the person will never be able to buy from FeetFinder again. This benefits the sellers as it means that they do not have to worry about potential scammers buying the content.

If a chargeback is issued against any content sold on FeetFinder, then the team at FeetFinder will do its best to ensure that they fight against the chargeback. They will always do their best to make sure that the seller gets their cash. Sometimes, it doesn’t quite pan out. However, we rarely have seen this happen. Remember, as much as people think they can, they can’t just charge back against everything, and the banks will often be on the side of FeetFinder.

If you are a buyer who is a little bit worried about getting scammed on the platform, don’t worry. FeetFinder also has protections in place for you too. They will always ensure that you get what you paid for. If you don’t, then they will be more than happy to provide you with a refund. The company has a great customer support team that is always there to answer any questions that buyers may have.

So, yes. There is always the risk of getting scammed. The same will apply to all websites similar to FeetFinder (and this includes OnlyFans). However, the team at FeetFinder will be constantly doing their best to ensure that the risk of a scam taking place is virtually nil. 

Is FeetFinder Safe?

As we mentioned a bit earlier, FeetFinder will require ID if you want to sell there. This is because they need to make sure that you are over the age of 18. However, rest assured, that information will be kept between you and FeetFinder. They are never going to share it with a customer.

If you sell on the platform, then the only way that anybody will ever learn your name, etc. is if you tell them. FeetFinder goes to massive lengths to ensure that the privacy of their customers is protected. This was one of the foundational principles of the platform. It was just that important to them.

Over the years, we have noticed that FeetFinder has put a huge amount of effort into ensuring that its platform is secure. They have SSL protection. They don’t personally handle banking transactions, and their servers are virtually unhackable. Oh, and nobody can see the paywalled photos unless they pay for it.

FeetFinder is always working on improving security for both its buyers and sellers. So, you can feel confident that not only is the platform going to be safe and legit now, but it is going to continue to be so for the foreseeable future. 

How Much Do People Make on FeetFinder?

So, now you know the answer to ‘Is FeetFinder legit?’ is yes, you are probably now wondering just how much cash you can make on the platform, right? Well, unfortunately, we cannot give you an accurate answer here. Not because we don’t want to, but because it differs depending on how much you put into the platform. The more you put in, the more cash you can earn.

We have seen some people making $10-$20 a month without marketing themselves. However, some of the biggest earners on FeetFInder are easily turning over thousands and thousands of dollars per month. As the platform continues to grow, the top sellers will end up making more cash than ever before.

How to Make Money on FeetFinder

There are plenty of ways that you can make more money on FeetFinder.

The big one is to upload photos regularly. The more photos that you have uploaded to the platform, the more potential ‘product’ that you have to sell. Most people will be uploading 10-15 photos per week, normally in a photo gallery. Although, you can add more than that if you wish.

Make sure that the photos are priced properly too. While you can dream of earning $100s for a single photo, the vast majority of people will get $5-$10 per photo, at the most. However, if you are selling hundreds of photos, this adds up.

As soon as you can, we suggest that you get a subscription set up for your profile. This will give you a regular income from people who have subscribed to see more feet pics from you. All the big earners are doing it. Of course, make sure that you give content that makes it worth subscribing to.

On top of this, we highly recommend that you spend a bit of time focusing on custom content. This is where you will be making most of your cash, so if somebody reaches out to you and asks for custom feet pics, sell them. You can make $20+ per custom pic, way more than this if you are nude.

On top of this, make sure that you are constantly marketing your FeetFinder account. Use sites away from FeetFinder to do this. The more people that know about your profile, the more chance you have of making some sales. We suggest that you use sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Tinder to drive traffic toward your site. Although, we are sure that you can come up with even more creative ideas than this. There are plenty of options for marketing yourself. 


Is FeetFinder Real?

FeetFinder is a real website that has thousands and thousands of buyers and sellers. It has been around for an incredibly long time, so it is a 100% real website.

Is FeetFinder a Scam?

No. FeetFinder is not a scam. It is a legit website where you can genuinely make cash when you buy and sell your feet photos.

Is FeetFinder Safe?

FeetFinder does its best to protect your personal data, and they have a wealth of security measures in place to ensure that this is done properly. As long as you don’t share your identity with the wrong person, you are safe on the platform. 


So, is FeetFinder legit? It is a legit website. It has been used by thousands and thousands of buyers and sellers. Rest assured that if you head on over to FeetFinder, you are going to be in the safest possible hands when you buy and sell your content! 

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