dangers of selling feet pictures

We know that diving into the world of adult entertainment can seem a little bit scary. We have heard a few horror stories from people who have attempted it. Therefore, it is no surprise that so many people wonder ‘Is selling feet pics dangerous?’. The truth? Well, we are going to discuss the truth on this page.

The goal of this page is to go into depth on whether it is a bad thing to sell feet pics online. Well, not necessarily bad, but whether you will run into any issues. If you do want to avoid issues, then we are going to share plenty of advice on ignoring them.

We have a lot to cover about selling feet online here, so let’s just dive right in and discuss things, shall we?

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?

First off, are there any dangers of selling feet pictures?

Yes. There are. There are always going to be dangers in the adult entertainment world. Some of them can’t be avoided, although the risk of something bad happening is going to be super low.

As long as you take precautions when you are selling your feet pics online (we will discuss those precautions shortly), then you should be fine. Absolutely nothing is going to happen to you when you sell those feet pics. Although, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you go about selling pictures in the ‘right way’ online.

We promise you that if you follow the tips that we detail a little bit later on, then you will be safe. Nobody is going to work out who you are, and you don’t have to risk being stalked, etc. Trust us when it comes to adult entertainment, selling feet pics online is always going to be the safest route to go down.

Dangers of Selling Feet Pictures

We have told you that selling feet pics online can be dangerous, but probably not that dangerous. There are risks, but most of them can be alleviated with some common sense. In this section, we want to briefly go through the most common dangers that you may face when selling feet pics online. Later on, we will tell you how you can avoid two of these situations (one is, unfortunately, unavoidable). 

Somebody Discovers Who You Are

When most people think of the dangers of selling feet pics online, they are worried that somebody is going to work out exactly who they are. We won’t lie, this is a big risk. Although the chances of it being a major problem when you are selling feet pics are quite small.

Most of the time, your feet pics aren’t even going to include your face. Chances are, somebody won’t be able to tell who you are. This makes the entire process ridiculously safe. 

Somebody Gains Access To Your Bank Details

You can’t prevent this since somebody is going to need access to your bank details at some point. You need to get paid, after all.

Thankfully, there isn’t much somebody can do with your bank details once they have them. Well, they can send you a payment, but we are sure you know that already.

That being said, we wouldn’t recommend that you give your bank details to anybody. Make sure that you are never sharing your bank details with customers. Not only will sharing your bank details make you more identifiable, but there are some people out there who will use them for ‘bad’ purposes. 


Scammers exist. There are always people out there willing to initiate chargebacks once they have received their content or, worse, not pay what has been promised. Thankfully, this is something that can be avoided almost completely. If you sign up for a reputable online feet-selling website (e.g. FeetPics.com), then your risk of being scammed is virtually nil. 

Picture Theft

This is probably the only issue that you can prevent. It isn’t necessarily dangerous to have your pictures stolen, it is annoying. Even the big players in the adult entertainment industry haven’t been able to stop people from stealing their content. The only thing that they can do is look on the positive side. If their content was stolen, somebody had to pay for it at some point.

All you can do is watermark your images and, hopefully, somebody who sees your pirated content may end up buying from you later on. 

Can You Be 100% Anonymous When You Sell Feet Pics Online?

Unfortunately, no. Not if you want to do things safely. However, you can take a stand to ensure that most of your stuff online is anonymous, but there is only so much that you can do.

The ‘problem’ is that you will need to share your ID with one of the feet pic-selling websites. This is for legal purposes as they need to make sure that you are over the age of 18. You can’t sell adult content if you are not over 18, after all. Rest assured, these companies will not be sharing your identity with the people who buy from you. They just need the information to verify who you are.

If you sell outside of one of the major feet pic selling websites then, yes, there is a good chance that people could work out who you are. For example, if you sell your pics through Tinder, Twitter, etc. then you are going to need to share your bank details and, of course, once people have your bank details then they will probably be able to work out your identity too.

If you stick to sending feet pics through major platforms, then you should be fine. Although, you will need to try to ensure that people can’t work out who you are from your pictures. Although, we will discuss how to do that a bit later on. 

Is Selling Feet Pictures Illegal?

No. Not really. There may be some countries that have some restrictions on their citizens, prohibiting their citizens from selling feet pics. Although, this is going to be exceedingly rare. You will likely already know whether selling feet pics is illegal in your country.

Now, this is where things get a bit confusing.

Technically, selling feet pics whatever your age isn’t against the law. However, it is adult entertainment. In most countries, if you are selling feet pics on an adult entertainment website then you need to verify that you are over the age of 18.

We know that there are some feet pics of those under 18 on websites like Shutterstock, although that website is not designed to be a ‘sexual’ website. You wouldn’t make much cash selling pics in the foot fetish niche on that site anyway.

If you want to sell on the top foot fetish websites, then it will be classed as adult content. After all, you are posting the content to turn people on. Plus, chances are that you will be sending nudes to people too. This means that before you sell the pictures, you will need to show your ID. You cannot make cash without showing your ID. Once again, this ID won’t be shared with your customers. It is just so that the foot fetish website can make sure that everything is being done ‘above board’. 

How To Keep Yourself Safe When Selling Feet Pics Online

We want to make sure that you selling your feet pics online as safe as possible. While there is always going to be a danger in selling your feet pics online, if you follow the advice in this section, the risk will be minimal. However, make sure that you follow this advice to a tee. If you don’t, you could get scammed, or you could have your details stolen.

Watermark Your Images

As we said, having your pictures stolen isn’t going to be a huge issue. It does mean somebody has paid for your images, and it can work as a form of advertising. Still, it is content theft. Chances are, you don’t want your content to be seen by anybody other than those that you have permitted to see it.

This means that it is important that you watermark all your images. Just your username or something in the bottom left-hand corner, or perhaps the link to your FeetPics.com profile. This way, when your images are stolen (and yes, they will be stolen), you can use them to your advantage. 

All of the big adult entertainment stars are doing this. Piracy is, sadly, accepted in this business. Even the big porn websites e.g. PornHub used to host this type of content. When the studios realized that they couldn’t prevent piracy, they opted to work with the pirates instead. Now, many adult entertainment stars are using piracy as a way to drive people toward their content. You can do the same. 

Don’t Share Personal Details

It is up to you whether you want to share your details or not. In our experience, the vast majority of people who sell feet pics want to remain anonymous. Even if you are willing to share personal details, make sure that you keep them to a minimum. It will help to protect you.

When you are selling feet pics online, we recommend that you never use your real name. You shouldn’t share your location either. Always use a proper username, if possible. If you head on over to FeetPics.com, you will see how people there are doing things!

You will have to write a bio to promote your content. Once again, keep stuff to a minimum. At the most, you should be sharing your age and foot size. You don’t need to share much more than that. You may want to work in detail on the type of content that you will provide to your fans, but that isn’t identifiable, so it doesn’t matter too much anyway.

If you get regular customers, you will find that many of them will message you and try to get more information from you. While a lot of people who message you will be friendly, you have to remember that these people are not your friends. These people are customers. This means that you need to think long and hard about what you share with them. In our experience, it is the people who reach out to you regularly that are more likely to become stalkers, so these are the people that you don’t want to be sharing your personal information with.

Make Sure Nothing Identifiable Is In Your Feet Pics

Selling feet pics online is going to be a lot safer if you make sure that there is nothing identifiable in your pictures. You will be surprised at how much information people can get about you from certain objects. For example:

  • T-shirts may have locations on them.
  • A view outside of your window may indicate the town or city that you live in
  • Product packaging could give away the country and, in rare cases, a specific area of the country.
  • Bags, etc. may have addresses printed on them.
  • Mirrors may accidentally show your home when you don’t mean to show it.

You may think that this isn’t a big deal but, in our experience, when somebody wants to know who they are looking at, they are going to be looking for the tiniest of clues in the videos and images that they view. If there is even a hint that they can identify who they are looking at from these clues, they will try and find more information. You would think that this sort of thing would never happen to you but, unfortunately, it can. 

The Safest Websites to Sell Feet Pics

If you want to ensure that selling feet pics is as safe as possible, then you should think long and hard about the places where you are selling your feet pics. In our opinion, you should be using FeetPics.com. This is because they have a few processes in place to protect their sellers.

Personal Details Not Shared With Customers

When most people get into feet picture selling, they look at sites like Tinder as a way to get started. The problem is that if you are selling directly on a platform like that, you probably will need to share your details with somebody. If you do this, then they will know who you are.

When you sell through FeetPics.com, all the detail handling is going to be handled by FeetPics.com. This includes your banking details. The company is never going to share this information with your customers. It adds an extra layer of protection.

Scammers Are Banned Instantly

If anybody initiates a chargeback against content sold on FeetPics.com, they are instantly banned from the platform. FeetPics.comwill also work to fight the chargeback. This way, their sellers have a very high chance of getting the cash that they are owed back.

We don’t just mean that the account gets banned here either. The systems at FeetPics. com will ban the credit/debit card that the buyer used. This means that the person will never be able to register for an account again! 

Secure Servers

FeetPics. com has incredibly secure servers that help to protect their seller’s information. This means that there is no risk of their servers being hacked and your payment data, personal information, etc. being swiped.

Other Benefits

Of course, preventing dangerous actions against their sellers isn’t the only reason why selling feet pics through FeetPics.com is a great idea. There are a whole host of other benefits, including:

  • Lots of buyers are willing to buy feet pics. This makes it a whole lot easier for somebody to make a sale.
  • Custom pricing – sellers are free to set whatever price they want for the content that they sell through the platform.
  • Custom pic sales – the vast majority of cash in feet pic selling is being able to sell custom pictures. FeetPics.com makes this process incredibly easy.
  • Ability to set up subscriptions for content on the platform. This allows sellers to make more money.
  • Faster payouts – once you have earned $30, you can request a payment.
  • Regular advertising – the company markets itself heavily, which means there will always be new buyers heading to the website, which means more people to sell content to.

Don’t Share Bank or Payment Details With Customers 

We did touch on this before, but you mustn’t share payment details directly with your customers. We know that it can be tempting to go directly to customers to make a sale, but don’t. Sure, you will be saving yourself the commission that you need to pay to the feet-selling platform, but you are making life a whole lot more difficult for yourself.

Firstly, you are opening yourself up to being scammed. If you share your payment details directly with customers, then they can charge back on any payments. It is very tough to win these chargebacks. So, you could just be giving content away for free.

If you share your payment details, then people will need to know your real name. In some cases, they may even be able to find out your address. This is a massive risk and one that you need to be avoiding.

Not to mention the fact that if you have to seek out customers directly to pay you, it is a lot of effort. Sometimes it is best to have a feet-selling platform handle the payments for you, just so you can have a ready-made group of customers.


Can You Sell Photos Of Your Feet Online For Money?

You absolutely can. There is a massive market for it, and some people are making thousands of dollars per month selling their feet pics online. If you are willing to do it, then you could make a nice side income. 

Is It Dangerous to Sell Feet Pics?

If you take proper precautions when you are selling feet pics online then, no, it isn’t dangerous in the slightest. It is very safe to sell feet pics online. You will need to make sure that you choose the right website to sell the feet pics, though. 

Does Selling Feet Pics Work?

Yes. Thousands and thousands of men and women worldwide are making a lot of cash from selling their feet pics online. You will need to run it like a business, though. This means giving potential buyers the content that they want, as well as ensuring that your feet pics are marketed in the right way.

Is It Bad To Sell Feet Pics?

There is nothing wrong with selling feet pics online, although we can imagine that there may be some people who have an issue with selling feet pics. We understand that some people may have a moral objection, or may be worried that their friends and family will learn what they are doing. 

What Are Good Feet Selling Websites? 

While there are plenty of foot-selling websites out there, the best one is FeetPics.com. It is the most popular platform, and ensures that sellers always have access to a treasure trove of buyers that are excited to pick up their feet pics! If you are selling feet pics online, then always start with FeetPics.com. 


So, is selling feet pics dangerous? Yes, it can be. However, fortunately, the risk is pretty low. While foot pic selling is classed as adult entertainment, it isn’t the main target for scammers, etc. Still, it is worth taking a few precautions to ensure that you are protected as much as possible. The advice that we gave you earlier will help with this! 

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