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Don’t be discouraged by the title of our article, even though it sounds silly, you can really make money selling photos of your feet and tootsies online. Whether you have optimal feet or just average, this article will take you through tips and essential foot care routines, show you ways to avoid scams in an industry them, and how you can make selling foot pics a full income. Stay tuned and pay attention to reading your complete beginner’s guide to how to sell feet pictures online

Everything you need to know about how to sell feet pictures online:

It’s not a traditional way to make money online, but it is surely a good way to get a side income or even a full one. Here is a question you desperately want an answer to about how to sell feet pictures online:

Who can make money selling pics of feet?

This job is a shoe that fits every foot, so don’t think you can’t fit in. Generally speaking to sell pics of feet online you have to be a woman, but men can too in some cases, be over 18 years old, have a good internet connection, have a device that you can use to edit and share photos mainly a laptop, a good camera to take high-quality photos, and to live in a country where it’s legal to work and sell foot pics online.

Who buys feet pics?

The first audience that comes to mind when thinking about who buys photos of feet is people with foot fetish, according to Men’s, 18% of heterosexual men, 5% of heterosexual women, 11% of lesbian and bisexual women, and 21% of gay and bisexual men have a tendency to desire feet. However that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to who buys foot pics online, here’s a list of all your potential consumers :

  • Footwear companies
  • Artists 
  • Stock photo sites
  • Modeling agencies
  • Sellers in the feet niche, e.g., foot tattoos, nail art, jewelry, creams, scrubs, and other foot care products
  • Podiatry clinicians and websites
  • Doctors and medical professionals 
  • Foot enthusiasts

Is it difficult to earn money selling photos of your feet?

The world is a small village using the internet, living remotely, or in a big city, it’s not an obstacle to show your cute feet to the world and make money selling your tootsies pictures online. It’s an easy endeavor to sell photos of your feet online, that’s what this article is designed for. Also, you’ll get full kit protection against scammers after you finish reading our article.

Is it legal?

The short answer is YES for most people, selling photos of feet is considered a legal practice in most countries. However, if you live in a closed Islamic country, like Iran or Saudi Arabia, your practice might be against the laws. Make sure to obey your local laws and authorities, a few dollars is not worth going to jail for.

How much money can you make selling photos of your feet?

The industry of selling feet online is growing daily, this lady for example is making over 70,000 dollars yearly selling her feet pictures via Instagram. That being said, you are not that lady and many variables control your success in the foot industry some are: how well you market yourself, the condition of your feet, the quality of your photos, the type of clients you get, the platforms you use, and the time and effort you invest. Generally speaking, it depends on you and the market.

How much should you charge per photo?

It all depends on how established you are as a model, and the largeness of your audience, the more the merrier. But, a photo normally costs between 5 and 100 dollars.

Why sell photos of your feet?

Easy, to make extra money on the side, you don’t need any qualifications or experience and you don’t really need any investment besides the only few things necessary to start. Also, it’s an independent activity and anyone can start it and make real money with it.

How to sell pictures of your feet online for money?

It’s always a good idea to see the competition and analyze it before starting anything. You can find samples of stock photos in Clothing magazines and catalogs, Instagram pages like this one, and stock photo websites like shutterstock.

Now, after answering some of the most frequently asked questions as an intro to how to sell foot pictures, here are a few tips and tricks:

Make sure your feet are as beautiful as can be!

Well, it’s an industry based on how your feet look, and we got you covered with the 3 main tips to make sure your feet look as good as possible, consider it looks maxing but for feet:

  • Always wear slippers around the house to keep your feet in great condition and avoid damage and stains on your soles. 
  • Moisturize daily to keep them soft and supple. 
  • Soak your feet at least once a week in warm soapy water and use a pumice stone to remove ugly dead skin build-ups.

Besides that make sure to apply lotions and creams on your feet to give them a supple look, with a good careful trim of the toenails. You should consider painting them, whether at home or professionally. And if you have the money, you could try a pedicure, or go with a personal home session following videos on YouTube like this one.

Top tips for taking feet photos:

After you are done with looks maxing your feet, it’s time for a photography session to attract clients, here are top tips for taking feet photos:

Light is your friend: lighting can make or break your photos, the golden rule is to have a good source of natural lighting. Windows does the work just fine. Also, consider the angle of the light hitting your feet. If natural light isn’t available for you, or you just want additional sources, try getting a cheap softbox.

Consider the background: Feet are not enough, you might have gorgeous feet but your surroundings suck. Consider always the background when taking feet photos, Also you can place your feet on mediums ranging from sand, white bed lining, wood, marble, or simply clean carpet. The essential is that the background is clear and pleasing to the eye.

Use popular foot poses and positions: Well, modeling is not just for the body, feet have position too. Try showing the soles of your feet, or the arches from a side angle, also the top view showing the whole foot is one of the most popular positions.

Use props: authenticity, You can place things on your feet to make them look authentic, creative, and unique such as seashells, flowers, candles, art, and other decorative items that merge with the background to please the eye of a potential buyer. Also, why not try temporary tattoos, some killer heels, or jewelry to give an edgy look to your photos?

Before diving into the best places, apps, and websites to sell your feet pictures, here are how to not get scammed 

How to avoid being scammed when selling feet pics?

Scamming is a common risk any online work has to deal with and to avoid getting scammed in the feet industry here are 6 tips to prevent yourself from ever being scammed:

  •   Keep your identity private, never disclose your real name, address, or any other personal information.      
  • Avoid putting your face in your feet pics. Some people choose to do this, but it makes your profiles less anonymous and could cause you problems in the future. 
  • Always get the money for your feet pics first. Scammers will present all sorts of reasons as to why you need to send the photos before they send the money. This is always a scam; they will not send the money.
  • Never accept overpayment.    
  • Never meet buyers in person.  
  • Always use watermarks or blurred images, which you use as previews.

Now, let’s do the fun part.

What are the best places how to sell feet pictures online

Where can I sell my feet pics to make money?

To sell pictures for money is as easy as it gets, follow the following guidelines and enjoy making money selling foot pics online. This is how to sell feet pictures, and how to sell feet pictures on Instagram.

1.Your own website

No, we are not joking, creating your own website is as easy as creating a social media account. The only difference is with a personal website you take a side hustle to a full-blown business. A website allows you to bridge the gap between making money selling feet pics and making money passively from the website itself using one or more of the following methods:

  •   Affiliate ads
  •  Paid content promotion
  • Sponsored content 
  • Google AdSense
  • Direct display ads
  • Brand Partnership 
  • Sell courses (how to take photos of feet, how to sell photos of feet, etc.)
  • Offer consultancy services

To create a website you’ll need a small investment to get it running. You’ll have to pay for the domain and the hosting, ideally a website including a blog with written or media content related to the feet. A good cheap choice for hosting a website is Bluehost.

Though you can also create a store using shopify or Woocommerce, it’s super easy, safe, and convenient.

2. Etsy

Etsy is well known for handmade physical products but it’s an open market for almost anything including your unique feet pictures. To sell with Etsy is very simple, you set up your account, you personalize your new Etsy style to the vibes you want, then list your feet pics for sale and price them accordingly. Finally, when you get a sale, you send the photos.

It’s important to consider the fact that Etsy charges $0.20 for each product you list, and they take 3.5% of the total sale price. But it’s a great place for beginner sellers to make money selling foot pics online.

3. Stock photo sites

On the internet countless stock photo sites where you can sell your feet pics, most notably Shutterstock. Other options are:

To earn with stock photo sites, you have to upload your photos and wait, every time someone downloads your image, you get paid, simple and safe.

4. Instafeet

If you want to connect with other foot creators and potential buyers, then Instafeet is your cup of tea. To create an account with Instafeet you’ll need a valid I.D. with a female assigned at birth. After you create your account you upload your feet pics to sell and choose a monthly subscription fee for your audience, they recommend $10.

It’s easy and simple, and very rewarding for a side hustle, if you keep uploading constantly and please your audience you could make a lot of money with Instafeet.

5. Foap

With over 3 million creators Foap has established itself as the hub for picture sellers, not only foot pics sellers. The best thing about Foap is you can upload videos too, and sell your products to the large audience they have. It’s recommended to charge $10 for foot pictures.

The downside of Foap is they keep a wholesome 50% of your revenue, it may seem like a lot, but for a well-established, safe, and trusted site, it’s worth considering.

6. Wikifeet

It’s the holy Wikipedia for foot lovers, wikifeet contains a forum where millions of users discuss food-related topics. Despite the old feel to the wikifeet site, it’s still a good choice to generate a lot of traffic making it a good choice to find a large audience for your foot pics.

7. Feetify

Another marketplace specializing in foot pics, Feetfify is a simple and trusted option to sell your foot photos. The best thing about Feetify is they let you keep 100% of your profit.

8. Feetfinder

Feetfinder offers the foot pics seller two ways to earn money, either through a subscription fee which allows the buyer to access unlimitedly all your foot pics and videos on the feet finder app. Or through a single-time fee, which by name allows the buyer to access only one particular foot pic.

Feetfinder is very popular and allows the user to see a blurry version of your work before choosing to purchase it. They have two options, either $3.99 a month or $14.99 per year. It’s worth mentioning that you give 20% of your earnings to Feetfinder for the services they offer you.

Social media platforms, How to sell feet pictures online: 

Social media can be your gate to build your online presence in the foot industry and to advertise to your online stores and business, here are the best social media platforms to sell your foot pics: 

1. Only fans

Onlyfans is not limited to sex workers or pornographic content, people from different industries use it from fitness instructors to artists and for sure feet pics sellers.

It’s very simple to start selling on onlyfans, after creating a new anonymous account, you get it verified which may take up to a few days. Afterward, you are eligible to upload videos and photos of your feet. And if only fans and users like what you are offering, they will earn you good money.

2. Instagram, How to sell feet pictures on Instagram?

Instagram is a leading hub for sharing pictures, and foot pictures to be specific. The hashtag #feet leads the trends with over 15 million foot photos and #feetlovers with an additional 2 million. 

To get started with Instagram you’ll have to create a professional account with your business information rather than personal information for what we have discussed about avoiding becoming a scammer. 

To make your profile stand out, use a unique bio to attract attention and a profile picture that tells the difference between your foot pics and the other, choose wisely what you’ll write and post, be unique, and show quality. 

Now you’ll have to post regularly and engage with your audience. Instagram foot accounts have a large audience, and when someone likes what you post, he will DM you and you could sell unique or customized foot pics. 

And if you wonder Why wouldn’t they just steal the ones from your Instagram and not pay you? Then here’s why: 

  • You will add a watermark to the photo, meaning it wouldn’t be suitable for commercial use. 
  • Or you will make the photo slightly blurry (you can use Canva for this, which is free). This way, clients still have a good reason to want to buy from you and get a high-quality version of the photo. 
  • Because they want specific photos that they will pay to be custom-made, especially for them. 

If you get contacted for your work, you can always direct your potential clients to your other profiles and online stores like Etsy, eBay, or Shopify. Additionally your Onlyfans accounts, the choice is yours. This was all about how to sell feet pictures on Instagram. 

3. Facebook

If you don’t know Facebook or have an account on Facebook, then surely you live under a rock. In 2020 Facebook reported to have 297 million users in the United States alone, that’s almost all US citizens.

Your account on Facebook is easy to set up and similar to Instagram, just make sure you are not using your authentic personal information and follow the next simple steps:

  • Create a NEW Facebook business page.
  • Link your page with the Facebook shop.
  • If you have an Instagram page for your business, then link it with that, too.
  • Add all your contact information (not your personal email!).
  • Add a catalog of photos for sale. Remember to blur them or add watermarks!
  • Personalize your account with photos, videos, and status updates.
  • Join related Facebook groups and connect with the people in these groups.
  • Track engagement (likes, followers, comments, etc.)
  • Possibly run Facebook ads to boost engagement and make more sales.
  • Above all, post consistently, ideally one post per day.

After you set up your page, always keep an eye on the market to see your competitors. This will help you know how much to charge for your feet pictures and how to market them.

4. Reddit

In the mighty Reddit community, there’s a famous subreddit named “feet pics” with over 350,000 members who are solely interested in photos of feet. To earn money, all you need to do is to create a new Reddit account join as many subreddit related to feet as possible, and start engaging with people about pictures of feet.

You can either promote your business accounts or sell directly and get paid in various methods such as Cashapp.

5. Snapchat

To sell with the famous Snapchat, you’ll need to create a premium account. It’s totally free and means you only create a private Snapchat account where clients can connect with you for a subscription fee you decide. But it’s recommended to charge a fee between $10 and $20 per month.

The best part about Snapchat is their imbibed payment method named Snapcash, so you shouldn’t worry about getting scammed. However, It’s not possible for new customers to easily find you on Snapchat with a premium account. That’s why it is worthwhile having a standard Snapchat account and using this account to entice business to your premium account. 

6. Whisper

Whisper is a social media platform with a user-friendly app available for Android and IOS users. Whisper can be used as a medium to find, connect, and communicate with foot lovers. The only downside of the app is you cannot get paid directly, so you’ll have to convince the buyer to send you money through a third-party app like Cashapp, or simply direct them to your online store.

Another good alternative app for Whisper is Kik, we suggest you try them both.

FAQs on how to sell feet pictures online:

1. Is it safe to sell foot pics?

Yes, it is totally safe to sell pictures of your feet. As long as you are fully aware of scams avoid them and stick to the rules, you are safe.

2. Can men sell pictures of feet for money?

The short answer is Yes. selling feet pictures of your male feet is possible, but It’s not in high demand as women’s feet are prominent in the community you can earn money selling feet pic if you are a man.

3. Do I need to pay taxes when I sell photos of feet?

It depends on your country’s policy, if you live in a tax-free country then you don’t have to, otherwise, there is no difference between your side hustle and any business. Taxes are due in accordance with your profits.

4. Is it profitable to sell photos of feet?

To sell feet pics, as listed above, it’s very profitable to sell pics of feet. The trick is to market your photos to generate a large income. 

5. How much should I charge for photos of feet?

It all depends on various variables including the quality of your photos, your audience, the platform you use, and the competition. The general price of a foot pic is between $5 to $10.

6. Could I get a scammer?

Same as any other business, there’s always a chance to get scammed if you are not cautious enough. Never had any personal information online, and surely don’t send you foot pictures without getting paid first.

7. Do my feet have to be perfect?

Every foot is perfect, you just need to take good care of your feet to reach their optimal state of beauty by applying lotions and scrubs.

Final Thoughts on how to sell feet pictures online

Selling foot pictures is relatively easy and can make money online, whether you want to escape the hurdles of a traditional job or make an extra side income, selling foot pics is worth giving a try.

Moreover, you don’t need a huge investment to start, and with the right promotion, quality of work, and networking you can create a good stream of income. However, always pay attention to the risk of potential scams, stick to the rules, and never share your personal information with your customers. This was your guide and answers on how to sell feet pictures online?, and how to sell feet pictures on Instagram.

And overall how to sell feet pictures?


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