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As a content creator, did you know you can advertise your content on sites like OnlyFans, and make more money?

OnlyFans is easily one of the best platforms to sell content, especially adult content like porn videos. It has immense traffic for creators and subscribers and offers great features to boost visibility and income. 

However, it’s important to diversify your market and increase your revenue streams. There are tons of apps like OnlyFans that can increase your visibility in the industry. To make your research easy, here are the 12 best OnlyFans alternatives and tips on how to pick among them. 

Why You Should Pick An OnlyFans Alternative 

OnlyFans is easily one of the biggest social platforms for content creators to sell access to their content. It has dominated the market since 2020 and has huge amounts of traffic and visibility opportunities for its creators. 

However, as a content creator, you need to diversify your platforms and increase your income streams. You can make a lot of money from selling different types of content on platforms similar to OnlyFans. Adding one or two extra apps where you sell your content would also help to build your popularity, especially for explicit adult content. 

One reason to pick another platform to sell your content is the large seller base on OnlyFans. As a creator, you’re competing with millions of other creators to attract subscribers and loyal fans. This can be incredibly stressful and requires a lot of promotion and interaction time with subscribers. 

One important factor is that OnlyFans has had a volatile tag since it almost banned adult content in 2021. At the time the platform initially bowed to pressure from payment providers and other third parties to restrict adult creators. They later reversed this decision but the impact on creators is clear. 

The incident woke them to the reality that relying on only one platform for income is very risky. It’s important to create a contingency plan, so that if you run into issues with OnlyFans, you have extra income from these OnlyFans alternatives. 

Another reason you should advertise your content on more platforms is the OnlyFans nudity restrictions. The app is constantly updating its regulations regarding explicit adult content and how much nudity creators can expose in their posts. Many other apps don’t have such restrictions for adult content creators. 

Notable Weaknesses Of OnlyFans  

OnlyFans itself is a great platform to advertise different types of content and make good money. However, the platform has several issues that make it better for you to consider apps like OnlyFans. They include:

  1. Creators on OnlyFans have to compete with celebrities for subscribers’ attention. The app’s popularity drew celebrities like Blac Chyna, Amber Rose, and Cardi B, who gained millions of subscribers easily. Most normal creators now have to share their fans with these celebs and compete with their fame. 
  2. OnlyFans is always at risk of digital and cyber attacks, which can threaten the privacy of its creators. This is a significant worry for anonymous creators on the platform, who can’t risk their side gig becoming public knowledge. Even if your OnlyFans become compromised, you have other sites like OnlyFans to fall back on. 
  3. The platform’s ability to sustain long-term content careers for its creators is uncertain. As we explained before, OnlyFans is volatile regarding its regulations for creators and certain content. So, it’s good to have alternative apps and backup if the platform ever changes in ways that don’t suit you. 
  4. OnlyFans has poor discoverability for new creators and those with a small fan base. The app itself has a very limited search function, with no way to filter different categories. This affects creators’ ability to attract fresh traffic to their profiles. As a creator, you might prefer an OnlyFans alternative with better search capabilities and discoverability. 
  5. OnlyFans is one of the biggest platforms for people who like to buy content, especially the explicit adult kind. However, the app doesn’t focus on niche sexual content, like cosplay and fetishes. Alternative platforms tend to specialize in these areas, which makes them better if you’re a creator trying to build a brand for explicit adult content. 
  6. Because of heavy competition on OnlyFans, it’s easy for content creators to lose their passion for certain niches. There’s a tendency to start making content like that of popular creators and certain trends on the app. With smaller platforms, it’s to streamline your profile towards a specific niche, without influence from trends and other creators. 

12 Best OnlyFans Alternatives 

Here are 12 of the best apps like OnlyFans that you can also advertise your content on:

1. Fansly

Fansly is one of the best platforms to advertise and sell content after OnlyFans. It’s very creator-friendly with a wide variety of easy-to-use features. The app offers constant support and communicates often with content creators. 

Fansly offers subscriptions in different tiers, which offer access to the app at affordable prices. It has several features similar to OnlyFans, like tips and paid private messages. However, it lacks an equal level of traffic, visibility, and recognition for new and upcoming creators. 

The more great feature of Fansly is that creators here earn 80% of their income, with 20% going to the app for its services. You can also pay your earnings over $20 anytime and as frequently as you want. 

2. AVN Stars

AVN Stars is a social media platform that’s very similar to TikTok and Instagram but for adult content. Its features are simple to understand, which makes it a great platform for new and upcoming creators. 

AVN Stars has great features like live streams, creator stories, and content trends. A creator here can have free or paid content, which can be as low as $5. It’s one of the sites like OnlyFans that accommodates all kinds of adult content, whether dance videos, tutorials, or sexual content. 

This platform also offers methods for users to make money on the platform, through their referral program. This entitles referrers to 5% of the lifetime earnings of all creators they refer. AVN Stars also keeps 20% off all earrings, paying creators 80% of their income. 

3. Frisk

Frisk is another content platform that’s a great OnlyFans alternative for creators. It’s a popular upcoming app, with a great search function to allow fans to easily find creators. For creators, the platform has great features like free and paid timelines, tips, and minimal charges for content. 

If you’re remaining anonymous in your content, Frisk is a good choice because you’re already easily “discoverable” on the app. You no longer need to share links to other social media and content platforms to advertise your content. 

The major problem with Frisk is that it’s still new in the market and doesn’t offer as much visibility and traffic as OnlyFans. The app also charges 20% on all creator’s income, which isn’t very different from most other platforms. 

4. JustForFans

JustForFans is a platform where content creators, especially sex workers, can advertise their content for sale. It’s a simple app, where users can pay to view different adult content and creators can increase their popularity in the adult content niche. 

This platform charges 20% on the earnings of all creators, which is a common rate in the industry. To withdraw your income on JustForFans, there is a minimum withdrawal limit of $50. This encourages creators to rack up money on the app and advertise their content more to earn more. 

One attractive feature of JustForFans is that there is an option to withdraw through crypto payout. This feature offers creators more flexible options to access their money from the platform. This is another app that’s a great OnlyFans alternative. 

5. LoyalFans

LoyalFans is a great option if you want another platform to post your content aside from OnlyFans. Its app has a great search function, which makes it easy for users to find their favorite creators and discover new content. There are also free and paid timelines, which offer easy advertising opportunities to creators. 

LoyalFans is relatively new in the market but already has a large customer base similar to OnlyFans. It focuses on more niche adult content, like cosplay and kinkplay. The app also creates tabs to categorize content and creators. 

Examples of these tabs include “Popular Creators,” “Live,” “Recently Updated,” and “Shout Out.” On LoyalFans, creators keep 80% of their earnings, paying 20% to the platform as service charges. They can also withdraw on two days only, the 1st and 15th of the month, and there’s a $50 minimum withdrawal limit. 

6. Ismygirl

With a great search function and easy-to-use features, Ismygirl is one of the best websites like OnlyFans for you to consider. The app allows creators to share content exclusively with paying fans, in different categories. There are features like content feeds, premium content, live streams, and private messages. 

Ismygirl also offers users a means to make money through its referral scheme. Creators pay 20% of their earnings as service charges to the platform and can access their income twice in a month. 

It’s important to note that Ismygirl doesn’t offer geo-blocking features if you’re cautious about privacy online. It’s also a newer platform with not as much traffic and visibility as older apps like OnlyFans. 

7. Fancentro

Fancentro is a popular social media platform for adult content creators to network and post explicit content for sale. Here, you can post daily stories to build fans and subscribers, hold live streams, share teaser content, and boost your popularity. 

Fancentro is easy to start an account on and charges 20% of each creator’s total earnings as charges. Here, users don’t pay a monthly fee to access content, they pay per view or can outrightly purchase photos or videos. There are lots of promotion and visibility opportunities for creators on this platform, which is similar to OnlyFans. 

Another attractive feature of this platform is that it allows you to create packages, where fans can buy access to multiple photos or videos for a smaller fee. You also have the freedom to offer discounts on your fees, which can be an advertising opportunity to attract new fans. 

8. MYM

MYM is the first French platform for adult content creators to network and advertise their content for sale. MYM means “Meet Your Model,” alluding that it’s a platform for exclusive back-door access to your favorite content creators. 

It’s a great OnlyFans alternative that allows creators to post explicit content that users can access after they subscribe. However, the emphasis of the app is on mainstream content and it can be difficult to promote your posts if they’re in the explicit adult niche. 

MYM charges creators differently depending on the content and service they’re advertising. It charges between 17-32% of their total earnings. This is a great platform for beginner creators to build their popularity in the adult content niche and gain loyal fans. 

9. ManyVids

ManyVids is not quite similar to OnlyFans because it doesn’t have a subscription feature like it. Rather, it allows users to purchase videos to view them, instead of subscribing to a creator’s profile. If your fans are loyal, they’ll keep coming back to pay for your content charges. 

ManyVids has a lot of traffic and is a great platform to advertise alongside an OnlyFans account. It allows users to chat and interact freely with creators, through features like the live stream, and all tip them extra to show appreciation. 

There are also custom content options, where users can pay creators to film content according to specific requirements. This is a great way to earn more money on the platform. ManyVids charge 20% on creators’ earnings and has a $50 minimum payout limit. 

10. ModelSearcher

This is another great social media platform that may not be an OnlyFans alternative but offers a lot of visibility to content creators. ModelSearcher has an advanced internal search engine that allows users to easily discover new creators and find their favorites with keywords. 

On this platform, users can “favorite” their top creators and receive notifications on each new post. The app has an Instagram-like feed, where users can explore new posts and find trends and recommendations. 

There are also free trials and free accounts, to give new visitors an insight into the all. On this platform, you can attach your OnlyFans link, so users can directly access content there. This offers you more visibility as an adult content creator. 


Patreon launched its website in 2013, which makes it significantly older than OnlyFans. It’s a very popular platform for YouTube stars and influencers from other social media platforms. They use Patreon to sell exclusive content to their fans, as the app doesn’t require a paid subscription. 

Patreon currently has over 200k creators with over 3 million fans, who bring in over $300 million yearly. The platform is very popular and is similar to OnlyFans in terms of traffic and visibility. 

Patreon offers its sellers three subscription options to the platform; Basic, Pro; and Premium. The app charges the creator’s income differently according to their type of subscription, between 5 to 12% of their total earnings. After all fees, the platform takes about 20% in total for its service and withdrawal charges. 

12. Unlockd

The last of our OnlyFans alternatives is Unlockd, a newer platform with very similar features. Unlockd offers subscription packages to allow users to access photos, videos, and other content from their favorite content creators. It’s also very open to adult content, whether explicit or not. 

One major benefit of using Unlockd is its lower fees than OnlyFans and many other platforms above. The app charges 15% on all creator’s earnings but counters this blessing with a $100 minimum withdrawal limit. You need to build up your income on the site before you can access any money. 

However, the app guarantees weekly payments if you can meet the withdrawal limit, which is easy to do on the platform because of its easy-to-use features. Unlockd is very popular for its great service and 24-hour support for creators and subscribers. 

How To Pick A Good OnlyFans Alternative

It isn’t easy to decide on which other platform to advertise your content aside from OnlyFans. Many of these options are also very similar to OnlyFans, so here’s some advice to help you pick:

  1. Do your research 

When trying to pick between multiple sites like OnlyFans, it’s important to do market research on their popularity and service. Research thoroughly by asking other creators for their ratings and thoughts, and checking each app’s popularity on social media platforms. Even simple internet searches on each app can provide a lot of information to make your decision easy. 

  1. Consider the niches of your content

The type of niche you specialize in as a content creator is a vital determining factor in your decision. Some platforms are better than others for niche content like BDSM and fetish content, while others are better for general adult content, like partially nude photos and videos. Consider all the niches you delve into before choosing from other sites like OnlyFans. 

  1. Check their safety and protection for creators 

As a content creator, your privacy and protection are very important topics, which must always be in your mind. When you’re joining a new platform, be mindful of their privacy policies, to ensure your personal information stays private. Different apps like OnlyFans have varying measures of protection for their creators, so always investigate this. 

  1. Don’t spread yourself too thin

It can be tempting to advertise your content on multiple websites like OnlyFans, but you risk spreading yourself too thin. You can easily lose track of what photos and videos you’ve posted on what platform and end up over-saturating your fans. It’s better to maintain your OnlyFans and one or two alternatives, to boost your visibility while growing your brand. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions by content creators on OnlyFans alternatives:

What do you need to start on apps like OnlyFans? 

Similar to OnlyFans, there are some basic information you need to create an account on any of these platforms. You need legal identification, your full name, email, address, and banking information. The ID and personal information are to help the platform verify your identity while the banking information is to activate your access to your earnings on the app. 

What kind of content can you post on these apps? 

You can post any kind of content you like. Most of these platforms are better for adult explicit content from sex workers, but you can still advertise non-adult content to expand your reach. As a sex worker, there are some apps, like LoyalFans, that are better for cosplay, fetishes, and similar adult content. 

How can you boost your content across multiple platforms? 

By maintaining a good level of consistency and interaction on websites like OnlyFans, you’re already increasing your visibility significantly. You have access to a wide stream of viewers and potential buyers. What you can do is share content links on more mainstream social media apps like Twitter and Facebook, to grow your brand more. 

Can you maintain anonymity on multiple OnlyFans alternatives? 

Just like OnlyFans, you can be an anonymous creator on all adult content platforms. All you have to do is choose platforms with proper protection for their creators and avoid using your pictures. You also have to be careful when filming your content to not accidentally reveal your face. Also, avoid sharing any personal information with fans or other creators on these sites. 

Is it likely that OnlyFans will ban adult content?

There is a significant worry amongst creators that OnlyFans will ban adult content again, especially if they go public. This means they’d completely restrict creators from posting partial or total nudity and hardcore sexual content. It’s not clear if the platform will do so anytime soon, which is why it’s good to explore other apps like OnlyFans. 


To be fair, it’s difficult to put any other content platform against OnlyFans, in terms of popularity and performance. However, there are still many great OnlyFans alternatives that creators can use to boost their visibility and popularity online and in the industry. 

This article provided 10 of these apps like OnlyFans and shared tips on how to pick a good one, so you have lots of advice. Remember to stay consistent with your interaction on these platforms and your growth as a creator will be crazy. 


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