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Having difficulty understanding OnlyFans niches and how to pick the best one for you? You’ve come to the right place. 

OnlyFans is one of the best platforms for content creators to monetize access to their content. One of the easiest ways to succeed there is to create niche content, which provides access to a large demographic willing to pay for such content. 

Whether you’re creating adult content or sharing fitness and lifestyle content, there’s hundreds of niches under each to explore. Read on to discover the best OnlyFans niche ideas on the platform and how to pick unique OnlyFans ideas. 

What is an OnlyFans niche? 

An OnlyFans niche is a specific content category that OnlyFans creators focus their posts and activity on the platform on. A niche is basically a subcategory of OnlyFans content. For example, if you’re creating adult content on your profile, you can explore niches under this category, like cosplay or fetish content. 

The benefit of niche OnlyFans ideas is that it helps you grow an audience with specific interest in that content. Your audience is more loyal and willing to keep spending on that niche content. This is why creators under niches like feet content make so much money and build huge followings. 

There are hundreds of niches to explore, both under adult and non-adult content. For adult niches, there are BDSM, Adult toys and reviews, Gamer girls, Fetish content, etc. Examples of Non-adult OnlyFans niches include Food and culinary content, dance content, makeup and beauty tutorials.

Importance of niches as a content creator

If you really want to become a top OnlyFans creator, it’s very important to have the right niche. There’s a lot of competition on the platform, so you’re more likely to attract more attention when you’re targeting a specific demography of users. Here’s some points to explain the importance of choosing OnlyFans niches. 

1. Niches help you to target a specific demographic 

Choosing a specific niche for your content can help you unlock access to your target audience. There are millions of users on OnlyFans, many of them looking for a specific content category. You can use keyword hashtags on your niche content posts, so users looking for that type of content can find your profile easily. With time, you can build a large following under that niche. 

2.It helps boost your fan loyalty 

When your niche content resonates with a particular demographic, you’re more likely to rapidly gain followers. If you keep posting quality niche OnlyFans content ideas, these followers become more loyal and engaging on your profile. This is because you’re dealing with a smaller audience and can build a stronger relationship through higher quality interactions. 

3.It helps you to avoid heavy competition 

If you’re creating content under specific niches, your competition on OnlyFans would be other creators in that niche, instead of all creators in general. The more specific your niche the less your actual competition. If you’re in a new niche, you can establish yourself as one of the top creators there easily, and easily gain hundreds of followers with interest in that new niche. 

4.You can make more money creating niche content

As a niche creator, you can make more money than creators working under general content categories or juggling too many OnlyFans niche ideas. When you create content for a specific audience, especially in unexplored niches, you have significant pricing control. You can charge high for custom photos and videos, and exclusive content. 

5.It provides quality expertise and opportunities 

Specializing in niches for your OnlyFans content helps you to develop quality expertise in that area. After establishing yourself as a top creator in that particular niche, you’d easily gain a reputation for that kind of content amongst OnlyFans users. This can also provide collaboration opportunities with other top creators and private gigs with clients. 

Types of OnlyFans niches 

There are two major types of OnlyFans niches. All other popular niches can classify under either of these primary categories. They include:

1. Adult content niche

This is the most popular kind of content available on OnlyFans and it has hundreds of lucrative sub-niches to explore. Your niche OnlyFans ideas for adult content can be explicit, which means full-frontal nudity and uncensored sexual acts and scenes. It can also be non-explicit or show partial nudity through censors, costumes, lingerie, etc. 

Here are some popular sub-niches under adult content:

  • BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism)
  • Lesbian and Gay sexual content
  • Threesomes (FFM, MMF, FFF, and other variations)
  • Kinks and fetishes e.g. foot fetish content and sex toy kinks 

2. Non-adult content niche

OnlyFans started by offering its platform as a place for content creators to monetize all kinds of content. This is still valid today, as there are millions of creators sharing content under non-adult categories and making good money. Although their income is significantly lower than adult content creators, you can still build your brand and gain subscribers. 

Here are some popular non-adult OnlyFans niche ideas:

  • Photography and photo editing content 
  • Beauty and skincare advice and tutorials
  • Gym and yoga content 
  • Art content e.g sketching and painting 

How to find your niche as an OnlyFans creator

There are millions of niches to explore on OnlyFans, so how do you shortlist the top OnlyFans ideas to use for your profile. The best way to find the right niches for you is to explore all the categories you have interest in, and see which niches better suit your plans as an OnlyFans creator. 

When you’re starting out as a creator, you need to do basic research into the various niches you have interest in. Seeing the type of content more advanced creators in that niche share for fans can help you decide if that’s the path you want to take, or you’d like to explore a different OnlyFans niche. 

During your research, also dig into your target audience. Find out what type of content attracts them and is likely to turn them into loyal subscribers. You need to combine your preferences for OnlyFans niches with the content preferences of your audience, which are OnlyFans users. 

When you start posting on OnlyFans, share all the content you want to and see how your audience reacts. You can analyze their interactions with the different niches to see which appeals more and works better with your content creator brand. However, try not to overload your initial followers with too much niche content by spacing out each post. 

A useful tip in finding your niche OnlyFans ideas is to create a list of the various content you enjoy and would personally purchase on OnlyFans. You can list the different types of porn you enjoy and think of the various themes, costumes, and locations suitable for each. This can help you to decide if you’d also enjoy creating content under those niches. 

15 of the Best OnlyFans niche ideas 1500

Here are some of the most popular niches for OnlyFans creators:

1. Foot fetish

Did you know you can make a lot of money from selling content of your pretty feet. This is one of the simplest niches on OnlyFans that can be very profitable. There are hundreds of creators in the foot fetish niche but it’s not nearly as saturated as other niches on the platform. The demand for feet content is also immense and you can charge highly for good quality content. 

Another benefit of exploring the foot fetish niche is that you can easily maintain your anonymity while producing quality content. You only ever have to show your feet, sometimes your legs. It’s also very difficult for people to identify you by just feet, so you have an extra layer of secrecy and security. 

2. Solo content

The primary niche of every content creator on OnlyFans is solo content of themselves. Solo photos and videos are still one of the highest selling type of content on the platform. You can make even more money if you’re between 19 to 22 years old, as that’s where a huge audience pool exists. 

Within the solo content niche, you can explore OnlyFans content ideas like nude and partially nude selfies, POV videos, shower photos and videos, lingerie and bikini self shoots, mirror selfies, etc. 

3. Couple content 

After solo content, couple content is the second most popular niche for OnlyFans creators. If you have a partner, you can create intimate couple content, in both photo and video format. There’s a high demand for sexy and adorable couple moments, and you can explore this in both adult and non-adult style. 

If you’re creating adult couple content, you can make it fully or partially nude, and play with the voyeurism kink. Under this niche, there are sub OnlyFans niches like sexy shower scenes, roleplay content, POV videos, etc. 

4. Threesome/Orgy content

What’s better than couple content of just two people? Photos and videos of three or more people in sexy situations. Whether it’s FFM, MMF, MMMF, or FFFM, there is a huge demand for this kind of content and you can make a lot of money. Most creators do foursome content as exclusive or custom posts, so you can charge really high for it. 

There is also orgy content, which involves a lot more people and is even more expensive than threesome or foursomes. It’s also a great way to collaborate with other OnlyFans creators in that niche, by joining up for a threesome, foursome, or orgy content. 

5. LGBTQ+ content

The growth of the LGBTQ+ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community has made it another popular niche for OnlyFans users. Demand for LGBTQ+ content is another profitable wave you can jump on as a content creator. The community themselves love watching their own category of NSFW content and supporting the creators making them. 

As a male, female, or trans creator, you can incorporate elements of your queer sexuality into your content. Some top OnlyFans ideas under this niche include sexual solo photos or videos or couple content with your partners. You can also build a strong brand in this niche, surrounded by people who relate to your sexuality. 

6. Cosplay and costume content

There’s nothing OnlyFans users love more than seeing creators replicate characters or scenes from their favorite films, games, or animes. Once you can place an NSFW spin on these characters or films, you can make a lot of money, build a huge following from their fans, and establish a brand in this OnlyFans niche. 

You can also play around with costumes, like superheroes, famous celebrities, or wear sexy lingerie. You can adapt these into an adult format or keep them in a non-adult style. The change in costumes and different themes will spice up your profile for your subscribers and keep them coming back for more. 

7. Amateur POV content

You already know that Adult POV is one of the fastest selling niches on OnlyFans. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge market for amateur POV content. There are a lot of people willing to pay for that content because of its specific appeal that studio produced content just can’t recreate.

People really like this niche because it feels more intimate, more like the experiences they have at home. Whether you’re a solo creator or have a partner, you can explore the amateur POV niche for both adult and non-adult content. 

8. Cuckold/Swingers content

Cuckold/Swinging is a very popular sexual fantasy or kink that is one of the most highly profitable niche OnlyFans ideas. This is basically content of a man sharing his wife or partner with other people. The husband is a cuck, the wife is a hotwife, and the partner, usually a man, is the bull. 

If you’re a solo content creator, you can collaborate with other creators to explore this niche. If you already have a partner for your content, you can create photos and content with other people to spice up your profile. 

9. MILF content

MILF (Mother I’d Like To Fuck) content is one of the most popular NSFW categories for older content creators on OnlyFans. If you’re between the age of 30 to 60, you can make a lot of money selling sexy solo content. This is a trending OnlyFans niche idea amongst older teenagers and young adults. 

If you’re creating MILF content, you can explore the BDSM aspect of the niche or combine it with the LGBTQ+ niche to try lesbian MILF content. You can also collaborate with other women in your niche to create special threesome or group content for your subscribers. 

10. BDSM content

BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission) is another popular niche for OnlyFans creators. Whether you’re playing with blindfolds, gags, toys, whips, or other elements, there’s so much content to create under this niche. There is also a large market of people willing to pay incredible amounts for good quality BDSM content. 

You can do BDSM content solo by treating your viewers as the submissive person in your content. This would allow your subscribers to feel a deeper experience with your content. You can also add a partner to be the dominant or submissive figure. This is a good way to collaborate with other creators in the niche. 

11. Relationship content

If you’re a dating coach or someone who knows how to give great relationship advice, you can use this as a niche to make money on OnlyFans. You can help people with dating and relationship advice, answering questions on personal romance issues. 

It’s one of the top OnlyFans ideas for non-adult creators as you can maintain a healthy NSFW and non-NSFW balance. You can also easily maintain your anonymity because you don’t have to post video content of you sharing advice and relationship building lessons. You can stick to just writing in posts or audio recordings. 

12. POV NSFW content

Point of View (POV) content allows your viewers to feel like they’re part of the intimate scene. In the POV niche, you can be a solo star, making the viewers feel like they’re pleasing you. You can also add a partner to hold the camera, which would make viewers feel like they’re on the receiving end. You can make a lot of money from exploring this as one of your OnlyFans niches.  

13. Fashion and Beauty content

If you’re thinking of non-NSFW niches to explore on OnlyFans, fashion and beauty content is a very profitable niche to consider. If you have a good sense of style, beauty, skincare, and general fashion, you can make money from sharing your knowledge on OnlyFans. This includes makeup tutorials, skincare product recommendations, and styling tips for different occasions. 

You can adapt this niche into NSFW content by providing subscribers with suggestions on sexy clothing to wear. This can include lingerie, cosplay outfits, sexy costumes, and how to use clothing to increase your sexuall appeal. 

14. Fitness and health content

If you’re a fitness guru or have deep knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle, you can share this knowledge on OnlyFans and make money. You can post expert guidance on setting and achieving fitness and health goals, such as nutrition plans and workout routines. 

If you want NSFW OnlyFans content ideas for this niche, you can explore nude yoga and fitness content. You can be fully nude or wear sexy clothing like lingerie, spandex, booty shorts, tiny bra tops, etc. Don’t be afraid to show off your toned body and muscles when making content in this niche. 

15. Food content

As a chef or food fanatic, you can share your love for experimenting with cuisine on OnlyFans. Whether you’re posting food content, trying new recipes for your subscribers, or hosting cooking tutorials, or restaurant reviews, there are too many opportunities to make good money in this niche. This is one of the best OnlyFans niches if you want to go the non-NSFW route. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What content sells best on OnlyFans?

There are many popular OnlyFans niche ideas, such as beauty tips, lifestyle, and fashion content. However, there’s one niche that sells the best on the platform, and that’s adult entertainment content. Adult content gained popularity on OnlyFans in 2019 and has been one of the highest-paying niches there since. 

Whether it’s explicit or not, adult content is very popular amongst OnlyFans users, which is why there’s plenty of sex workers there. Your adult content can have explicit nudity, partial nudity, be anonymous or open about your identity. As long as it’s sexy and seductive quality content, you’ll have followers pouring in soon. 

Can you create content on multiple niches?

Yes you can. As a content creator, you might have interest in multiple niches for your OnlyFans content. You can explore these niches in your content, being careful not to overload your fans. You have to be clear about the various OnlyFans niches you’re exploring and use appropriate tags and descriptions to differentiate. 

A good example of combining multiple OnlyFans ideas is a fitness content creator also creating  lifestyle content. An adult content creator can also explore fetish and kink niches to add variety to their content. This approach may initially draw a smaller audience than if you focused on one niche, but with time, you’ll see a significant increase in engagement and followers. 


One important note when learning about the various OnlyFans niches is that you don’t have to pick just one. You can experiment with different niches to find what suits you and then combine two or three in your profile. This is a great way to tap into multiple niche markets and grow your following rapidly. 

Now that you understand what an OnlyFans niche is and why it’s important to have one as a content creator, you can start experimenting to find yours. You can create adult content in the BDSM, LGBTQ+, fetish, cosplay niches, or non-adult OnlyFans ideas like food and fashion content. 


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