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Looking for OnlyFans content ideas to boost your profile into a top creator? You’ve come to the right place 

As an OnlyFans creator, it’s important to post content often and engage with subscribers. You need to include variety in your OnlyFans posts ideas by exploring different themes, poses, and backgrounds. However, it’s not easy to always think up new ideas for OnlyFans content. 

To provide some inspiration, we’ve curated 15 of the best content ideas for OnlyFans. This article also explains the different types of OnlyFans posts on the platform, and shares tips for editing and organizing your content. 

Types of content on OnlyFans 

First, you need to know what kind of content is on OnlyFans so you can decide what niche you want for your profile. This will determine the OnlyFans posts ideas you shortlist to film, edit, and eventually post. The two types include:

Non-adult content

As a content creator, there is a wide range of non-adult content you can create and share on your OnlyFans account. This type of content is very popular on the platform and can be photos and videos of you doing normal activities or sharing information to your subscribers.

The non-adult genre includes cooking content, where you share recipes, kitchen advice, and food content. You can explore the fitness and wellness niche, where you provide exercise routines, fitness updates, and wellness advice. 

There are more non-adult ideas for OnlyFans like beauty tutorials, skincare advice and recommendations, and general body care tips. You can share makeup tutorials to your subscribers, discuss fashion trends, and share your personal style. 

Adult content

The most popular type of content on OnlyFans is adult content. Millions of creators make a lot of money from sexually explicit content, like porn. As far back as 2019, OnlyFans became one of the top sites for porn stars to monetize their photos and videos, and build their brand. 

Adult OnlyFans content ideas include photos and videos that may be partially or fully nude. This can be solo content of just you or group content featuring other porn stars. For adult content creators, this is a great method to promote your profile and boost subscribers for you and your co-stars. 

If you’re creating adult OnlyFans content, you can explore photos and videos with sexual themes. This can be content depicting BDSM, masturbation and sexual intercourse content, and even lesbian and gay content. 

What to post on OnlyFans 

So, what do people post on onlyfans anyway? What format does OnlyFans accept for its creators’ posts? This is important information for when you’re generating OnlyFans content ideas. Here are the different forms of content you can create:


You can share photos of your face or body that highlights your physical appeal to subscribers. These photos can be adult or non-adult content, solo or group shots, and can be of you in costumes or themed backgrounds. 


As a content creator, videos are a great way to draw attention to your OnlyFans profile. Your videos can be any length, can feature only you or other creators, to increase your reach. You can use short clips of these videos as teaser OnlyFans posts for your subscribers, to increase your views. 

Written posts

Whether you’re sharing adult or non-adult content, written posts are a unique method of interacting with subscribers. For your OnlyFans posts ideas, you can write tutorial guides, erotica, short stories, and beauty or fashion advice. 

Voice notes

You can make your written posts more attractive to subscribers by reading them out in voice note recordings. If you’re an adult content creator, you can share recordings of sexual and intimate moments, which appeals to a large demographic of OnlyFans users. 

What kind of content should you post on OnlyFans?

Now that you know the different formats for OnlyFans content, it’s important to know the various categories of posts on the platform. This can help you decide what to post on OnlyFans and how to streamline your OnlyFans content ideas. These categories include:


This is the normal content you share on your OnlyFans account for subscribers. It includes photos, videos, written content, and audio of any nature, which users can access once they subscribe to your profile. You post this standard content regularly to attract more subscribers and build your popularity as an Onlyfans content creator. 


Promo OnlyFans content is a popular tool for building and promoting your OnlyFans profile. It can be any content in your catalog, which you offer for free, to attract new subscribers to your paid content. Your promo content can be a free teaser for longer paid content or a reward for existing subscribers. 


Another category of posts on OnlyFans is premium content, which only your subscribers can access. This is exclusive content, which is usually more high quality or longer than your standard content. This is also content subscribers can access when they do Pay Per View (PPV) purchases.


Custom content on OnlyFans is when a subscriber makes specific and detailed requests for content. This usually comes at a significantly higher price set by you as it’s personalized content for the buyer. Custom OnlyFans content ideas are a great way to increase your revenue and improve your interaction with subscribers. 

OnlyFans rules for content 

OnlyFans has set certain rules and guidelines for the type of content acceptable on the platform, especially for adult content. These restrictions on what to post on OnlyFans can help you curate your OnlyFans posts ideas involving nudity and maintain your account. They include:

Full nudity

OnlyFans mandates that all creators must place content showing full nudity behind a paywall. This means that fully nude photos or videos of you and any other creator must only be accessible to users who subscribe to your profile. 

This restriction on full nudity began after OnlyFans noticed the large volume of sex workers and nude content on the platform. Now, the only way to avoid this restriction is to show only partial nudity or censor your OnlyFans posts. 

Free pages

If your OnlyFans account is a free page and open to any user on the platform, the nudity restriction applies. You can only post content depicting partial nudity or fully clothed creators. Otherwise, OnlyFans will restrict and take down any nude content on your page. 

It’s better to use partially nude or clothed content on your free page as a teaser for fully nude content on your paid page. This helps you bypass the restriction and attract paying subscribers to your explicit paid content. 

Paid subscriptions

If you’re running a paid subscription page on OnlyFans, you can charge for access to your profile and OnlyFans content. With this type of account, you’re free to post explicit adult content with full-frontal nudity. 

You can post explicit photos and videos on a paid subscription account because you have the protection of a paywall, which is the primary OnlyFans’ requirement. It can be anywhere on your page, including regular private messages and locked posts. 

Pay Per View content

OnlyFans allows explicit and adult content for Pay Per View (PPV) posts for both free and paid subscription accounts. These kinds of posts are only accessible after your subscribers pay to unlock the content on your profile. 

If you’re running a free OnlyFans account, your subscribers can access adult pay-per-view posts on your timeline or in a private message. For a paid account, your explicit pay-per-view content can be premium, which would require additional payment from subscribers. 

15 content ideas for OnlyFans 

As a content creator, it can be difficult to constantly think of new ideas for OnlyFans content but it’s necessary. You have to include variety in your profile, to keep the attention of your subscribers and increase your popularity. Here are 15 OnlyFans posts ideas that are great to feature on your profile:

  • Nude photos 

As an adult content creator, nude photos are the easiest kind of content you can post on OnlyFans. Explore different nude OnlyFans pose ideas and angles to keep it interesting for your subscribers. You can play with mirrors, shadows, and light to highlight different parts of your body.

  1. Couple content

If you have a partner or another content creator you trust, it’s a good idea to explore couples content. For adult couples content, there is a lot of appeal for sexual content with couples, whether straight, lesbian, or gay content. This is also a good way to attract more fans for you and your co-star. 

  1. Cosplay content

Cosplay primarily involves elaborate costumes, makeup, and accessories depicting popular characters, usually from comics, anime, and video games. There is a large market for adult and non-adult cosplay content and you can build a brand in that niche. This is one of the more lucrative OnlyFans content ideas but requires a lot of time and money. 

  1. Selfies

One of the primary reasons OnlyFans users subscribe to an account is because of the creator’s appearance. They want to see your face and body, and selfies are a great way to interact with your subscribers. You can explore different locations for your selfies and various facial expressions. 

  1. Gym/Workout content 

There is an insane amount of OnlyFans users that want to see sweaty, intense workout content. If you’re into fitness, you can make money from sharing your workout routines, footage of your gym sessions, and fitness tips. This OnlyFans content doesn’t necessarily have to be at a gym, it can be home workout content. 

  1. Foot fetish content

One of the most lucrative content niches on OnlyFans is the fetish category, especially for feet. You can make money from selling pretty pictures of your feet and toes. Explore different feet poses, accessories, and nail polish colors to make your photos and videos more appealing. 

  1. Pool and water shoots

Using a water-themed background is one of the best OnlyFans posts ideas for your profile. You can incorporate a bathtub, pool, beach, or any water body into your photos or videos. This content also includes shots of you in beautiful swimsuits, whether it’s a skimpy bikini or one-piece. 

  1. Shower content

A great way to get sexy and creative with your OnlyFans profile is to share shower content. There’s something very appealing about watching people shower, especially if they’re in tiny bikinis, wet clothing, or nude. You can also play around with steam to conceal parts of your body if you don’t do full-frontal nudity. 

  1. Body paint, jewelry, and temporary tattoos

If you’re not afraid to flaunt your beautiful body in your OnlyFans pictures ideas, then body paint, accessories, and temporary tattoos are the perfect niche for you. The paint and tattoos add a creative and artistic element to your content and draw attention to certain parts of your body. You can experiment with jewelry like necklaces, waist beads, belly rings, and piercings. 

  1. Review OnlyFans creators and content

Another great way to grow your OnlyFans account is to review other content creators and their content. This is one of the more unconventional OnlyFans content ideas but it will attract a large following, especially if you’re reviewing popular creators. Your reviews can also help subscribers to find new creators, which can generate revenue for you. 

  1. Q&A Content

You can connect with your subscribers and increase your following with Q&A sessions answering popular fan questions. Some examples of OnlyFans content for these sessions include  “How did you decide to join Onlyfans?” and “What’s your favorite niche of OnlyFans content to film?”

  1. Behind The Scenes photos and videos

When filming and editing your content, try to get behind-the-scenes footage of your activities. OnlyFans users love to see the story behind posts and would pay well for the content of your daily life as a creator. You can share funny or interesting experiences from your day or week on your account. 

  1. Themed content

There’s nothing quite as compelling as OnlyFans content with a particular theme, whether it’s a holiday like Christmas or a special celebration like Pride Month. You can create themed photos or videos that appeal to the themes of these special days. A good example is Halloween-themed outfits or Christmas-themed lingerie and decoration content. 

  1. Erotic Storytelling and ASMR

If you have a nice or sexy voice and want to spice up your OnlyFans posts ideas, explore erotic storytelling and ASMR. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and greatly appeals to people who appreciate audio just as much as visuals. Your storytelling can be descriptions of sexual experiences or readings of fan-favorite erotica. 

  1. Beauty and Fashion content

One of the best non-adult content ideas for onlyfans is producing beauty and fashion content for your subscribers. You can share makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews and recommendations, body care, and skincare routines, and shopping hauls for new products and clothing. 

How to edit your OnlyFans content 

After selecting your OnlyFans posts ideas and filming all your new content, you should edit it to improve its quality and appeal. Editing your OnlyFans picture ideas can be a simple process, especially with multiple free apps that are easy to use. Depending on the type of device you’re using, here are some popular editing apps for you:

Android Devices

  1. Adobe Lightroom: This editing tool offers hundreds of presets for your photos and is a very popular editing tool with easy-to-use features. It offers filters and audio adjustments for your videos and can help your blur or remove certain elements. 
  1. PicsArt: This is one of the most comprehensive editing apps for photo and video content. It’s great to add filters and effects to your posts, create photo collages, edit specific elements or the background of your OnlyFans content. 
  1. Pixlr: This is a great app for your photo and video editing, background removal, audio adjustment, and animation. Pixlr has hundreds of features, filters, and overlays that can enhance your content and increase your profile’s appeal. 
  1. Snapseed: One of the most popular apps for precise photo and video editing, Snapseed doesn’t require any special training. You can easily access its editing features, hundreds of filters, and adjustment options for your OnlyFans posts. 
  1. YouCam Perfect: This app is perfect to touch up you or your co-stars in your photos and videos. Its various editing effects and techniques are easy to use and can add a professional touch to your content.

Apple (iOS) Devices

  1. Adobe Lightroom: Also available on iOS devices, Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular editing tools in the market. You can use it to add or cut elements to your photo or video OnlyFans content, add filters and captions, and adjust the audio. 
  1. CapCut: This is one of the most popular applications for editing and trimming photo and video content. With CapCut, you can access thousands of templates for your content and connect it to your OnlyFans directly. 
  1. Canva: If you want to add a background to your photos, create posters or teasers for your content, or edit photos, Canva is a great app for you. The platform is simple to use and has thousands of photo and video categories to guide your editing. 
  1. Snapseed: This app is also available for iOS devices and doesn’t require any special training to use its features. You can use it to add and edit elements from your OnlyFans posts, change the background or censor the photos or videos. 
  1. VSCO: A simple-to-use editing app that has a wide range of tools and filters for photo and video content. You can use this app to trim your content, add or remove audio, or combine multiple photos and videos into one post. 

These editing apps are a great way to enhance your OnlyFans content ideas before you post to your profile. They provide a professional touch to your content and account, which makes a lot of difference to subscribers. 

You should take some time to explore the different editing apps and their features and decide on editing styles that best fit your style as an OnlyFans creator. It’s important you don’t overdo the editing, as that may make your content look fake. Focus on core elements like lighting, background, and angles when retouching your photos and videos. 

How to organize your OnlyFans content 

After shortlisting and filming your OnlyFans posts ideas, it’s important to organize them. This helps you create a smooth and efficient workflow, and differentiate between your different categories of content. Here are some organizational tips for your OnlyFans content:

  1. Use a laptop

As an OnlyFans creator, the best way to organize your content is with a laptop or desktop computer. This provides a larger screen and more workspace to view, edit, and sort through your pictures and videos. You also have more storage space to organize your content, more than a phone gallery. 

  1. Keep a record of your posts

It’s important to keep track of all your content, especially those already shared on your OnlyFans profile. You can do this by tagging each of your photos and videos and using a spreadsheet to list the tags and descriptions of all your OnlyFans posts. The sheet helps you track what platforms you’ve advertised each content and prevents duplicate postings. 

  1. Create content folders

On your laptop or desktop, create multiple folders to sort your photos and videos into different categories. This can be according to themes, length, extent of nudity, or whether it features another creator. Within these folders, you can create sub-folders to distinguish content that is standard, promo, or custom. 


In this article, we tried to answer the question of “What do people post on OnlyFans?” We explained the different types, formats, and categories of OnlyFans content. We also shared the rules of the platform regarding full-frontal nudity and how it affects your content. 

To provide some inspiration as you think of OnlyFans content ideas, there’s a list of 15 popular ideas for OnlyFans posts. Don’t forget our tips on how to professionally edit and organize your content before and after posting. Take our advice and see how much your efficiency as an OnlyFans creator improves. 

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