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If you’re an OnlyFans content creator who wants to know more about the OnlyFans release form, this is the right place. 

OnlyFans has added new restrictions on featuring other creators in your videos on the platform.

Like many other adult content platforms, OnlyFans is trying to ensure all its content creators have verified accounts. 

This has led to a lot of flagged older content for many creators, especially with the use of AI algorithms. This can ultimately result in limits on your withdrawal and access to income.

To avoid this, read on to better understand the OnlyFans model release form. 

What is the release form on onlyfans?

OnlyFans has certain requirements when creators on the platform post videos featuring other content creators.

They require you to prove that the co-star gave you their consent to share the content and that the co-star is above the legal age of an adult. 

To prove these things to OnlyFans moderators, you have two options:

  • If your co-star has a verified account on OnlyFans, you can tag the account of your co-star in the content post, and OnlyFans will verify that the account belongs to the person tagged. A tag automatically handles the OnlyFans model release form requirement, so it’s the simplest option for you. 
  • If your co-star does not have a verified account on OnlyFans, then they need to get their verification done, which is a simple process. They can also choose to manually sign the release form for OnlyFans, which doesn’t take too much time. 

OnlyFans are very strict about protecting the platform from privacy complaints and copyright issues. They insist that all content creators must possess the required intellectual property rights for content shared on the platform.

As such, the model release form is a legal document, and it must be in English, a worldwide accepted language. 

If you’re new to OnlyFans, it’s critical that you understand what are release forms on OnlyFans and what they’re used for.

The law generally insists that when you include another person in a photo or video and share it online, you obtain their consent in the form of a model release form. 

Therefore, if you feature anyone else in your pictures or videos, regardless of how short their appearance is, you must tag them or obtain a release form from them.

You either do this or tag their verified OnlyFans account. There is no way to bypass this stage of sharing content. 

The only exception to the rule of a model release form is if the content only features you. Even if it’s just an audio of someone else featured in your content, you must tag or submit an OnlyFans Model Release form. 

How to get OnlyFans Model Release Form

If you’ve started posting content or have scheduled content with a co-star who doesn’t have a verified OnlyFans account, you can easily find the OnlyFans release form template on the OnlyFans website itself or on the internet. 

If you’re getting it from the OnlyFans website, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1– Open the OnlyFans official website and login to your creator’s account.
  • Step 2– Once you’ve successfully logged in, click on the main menu, click on “More,” and then tap on the icon indicating “Release forms.”
  • Step 3– At this stage, the easiest way to access and share the release form is to create it “by link.”
  • Step 4– Indicate the number of signers for the release form, this applies where you have multiple co-stars featured in your content. 
  • Step 5– OnlyFans will provide you with a link you can send to your co-stars, which they’ll click to access instructions for verification or to sign the release form. 

If your co-star decides to create a profile and get verified by OnlyFans, the platform will ask them for a photo of their government-issued ID and a selfie with this ID.

After this, you will be able to tag them in any future content you create together. Even if you forget to tag them, OnlyFans will provide a prompt to tag any co-stars. 

How to fill out onlyfans the release form 

When you finally download the release form, there is some information it requires from you and your co-stars. At the beginning of the form, there is an attestation paragraph, where your co-star confirms that they’ve given their consent for you to use their image and content. 

In this paragraph, they have to write your full name and your OnlyFans username. They will later write your username again, to confirm that the release form for OnlyFans that they’re signing applies to any content you upload that features them. 

The other information the release form requires is the type of ID your co-star is submitting to the platform, their ID number, the state or country they’re resident in, and their date of birth. Lastly, they’ll write their full legal name and sign at a provided space at the bottom of the form. 

If your co-star has insisted they don’t want a verified OnlyFans account, despite the benefits of the platform, then you’ll need them to manually sign an OnlyFans model release form, which you’ll upload to the platform through your account. 

It’s better that you upload the release form for OnlyFans yourself, especially if you don’t fully trust your co-star. It’ll ensure that you don’t have any consent or privacy issues in the future, from that creator and OnlyFans itself. 

There is also the fact that if your co-star ever deletes their OnlyFans account, the platform would require you to re-verify the people you featured in that content again. You can avoid this problem by uploading the manually signed form yourself. This will keep the content verified forever on your profile, regardless of the status of your co-stars. 

When is an OnlyFans Model Release Form required?

Naturally, a model release form is an important legal requirement when handling the pictures or videos of another person. It waives the participant’s right to sole ownership of the finished content and frees the creator from any privacy infringement liability. 

It also releases any platform the creator shares the content on from liability regarding copyright infringement. Even when you’re unsure if you need an Onlyfans release form, you should still get one, to avoid future privacy issues. 

A model release form is necessary for any kind of commercial work that uses the image of multiple people. Even if a model’s full face isn’t visible or it’s just a part of their body, or audio that is used in the content, a release form is still necessary. 

If you are a content creator that regularly features others, especially on OnlyFans content, you should have an OnlyFans release form template. This helps to protect both you and your co-star’s interests and frees you from unnecessary stress with OnlyFans itself. 

If you are a model and often feature in other people’s content, especially on OnlyFans, you should protect your interests by asking for a model release form.

Even if you remain anonymous in the content, an OnlyFans model release form is still necessary, to protect your legal interests. 

The major rationale for this is that OnlyFans needs to confirm that your co-stars aren’t minors, so they need to confirm their identity, which they can only do through you.

It’s a big legal risk for the platform to have content including participants whose adult status hasn’t been verified. It can lead to legal issues regarding child pornography and exploitation. 

How to become an OnlyFans model? 

If you’re new to OnlyFans and researching information on how to become a content creator on the platform, this basic step-by-step guide can help you. You don’t need an OnlyFans application form, just to create an account on the OnlyFans website or application. Here are the steps to follow on how to become an OnlyFans model:

Step 1- Set up a creator’s account

The first stage in becoming a model on OnlyFans is to set up your creator account on the platform. It’s a very simple process, which is completely free and protects all information in your profile. 

There are two types of creator accounts on OnlyFans, the free subscription account and paid subscription account. We recommend the paid account because it allows you to charge OnlyFans users for viewing and accessing your content. 

A free account, however, does not allow you to earn any money from your content, except through tips and private messages. When you create your account, it’s important to verify it with OnlyFans, or your account can get restricted. 

You’ll be unable to access any payment or creator’s features on the platform. The verification process is short and straightforward and helps OnlyFans ensure that there are no creators below the age of 18. 

Step 2- Verify your payment details

After setting up your account, it’s important to connect your account information, which is how you’ll receive money from your content. To connect your details, you have to undergo a verification process where you’ll state your ID and banking details. 

OnlyFans will connect to your bank to automatically confirm your banking details and identity. Once you’ve completed this step, your creator account can officially start recovering payment for your content. 

Step 3- Build an attractive profile

One of the best ways to attract paying viewers on OnlyFans is to have a unique profile that’ll pull them in. People are attracted to what they see on the cover, and an appealing profile would give your account a lot of exposure. 

Your OnlyFans profile has to portray you as a creator and the niches of content you’re selling. The basic things present in your profile are your profile photo, username, cover image, and a short bio. This is an important step in how to become an OnlyFans model. 

Step 4- Set your subscription prices

As an OnlyFans content creator, one of the simplest ways to make money is from subscriptions from your viewers. They can subscribe to your account for a fee, which gives them access to your content for a period of time. 

Subscription prices on OnlyFans vary depending on the type of content you’re posting and the popularity of your profile. It can be difficult to choose the right price to charge for your subscriptions, but you have to balance your price to attract subscribers and popularity. 

Generally, OnlyFans subscription charges are between $4.99 to $49.99. You can do some research on other models and content creators to see their prices for their content. This would help you in determining your subscription prices and how you’d like to increase them with time. 

Step 5- Plan a content calendar

As you build your OnlyFans profile, it’s important to be consistent with your content posting. It can be difficult to manage your time and it’s easy to forget to post content according to plan. You can make this easier by creating a content calendar, which would organize how you post content. 

A content calendar would detail how you create and share photos and videos on your page. It can include all your ideas, and how you intend to promote your profile and attract more paying subscribers. 

Such a content calendar would also contain any collaboration plans you have with other creators. It could also remind you to ensure any co-stars fill out the required OnlyFans model release form for your shared content. 

Step 6- Start building and posting your content

Now that you’ve set up your creator’s account, it’s time for you to build up your content collection. You can start with a few teaser posts to attract interest to your profile. It can be written posts, censored or explicit photos, and different types of video content. 

If you haven’t decided on the kind of content you want for your profile, you can get inspiration from other popular OnlyFans creators in your niche. You should also be creative when creating your pictures and videos. Explore different angles, backgrounds, and themes to keep your subscribers interested in what you have to offer. 

As a creator, you should also try to include variety when posting content on the OnlyFans platform. Don’t post too much at once and stick to your content calendar regarding the frequency of your posts. 

Step 7- Promote your OnlyFans content 

As a content creator in OnlyFans, one of your biggest goals should be hitting the 1% top creator ranking. To do this, you need to attract as many subscribers as possible and boost your popularity on the platform, which will grow your earnings rapidly. 

The fastest way to attract enough subscribers to push you into that ranking is to promote your content, especially on other social media platforms. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok are great options, but you need to be careful about their policies regarding explicit and adult content. 

A great way to promote your content and profile is to collaborate with other creators on OnlyFans, especially popular and top-ranking creators. However, when you collaborate, make sure to never forget your release form for OnlyFans. 

How to get verified on onlyfans

After creating your OnlyFans account, you should know how to get verified on OnlyFans. This will help you complete the verification process as soon as possible. Then, you start posting content immediately and making money from subscription fees. 

OnlyFans will require certain personal information from you to verify your account. This information is completely confidential and will be used to determine your identity, age, and eligibility. It’s the same protection offered to the OnlyFans release form. 

First, you’ll be required to verify your email and then complete your bio by adding a profile picture, bio, and cover photo. After that, you’ll input a government-issued ID, such as a passport or official driver’s license. You’ll also be required to take a selfie with your identification, to confirm you’re the owner of the ID. 

OnlyFans mandates that the ID you submit must be clear and show your full face. The recommended types of ID are passports, driver’s license, and state identification cards. You will also need to state your full legal name and address, for added confirmation. All this information will be private and the platform can’t use it without your permission. 

After you’ve submitted the required information and identification, OnlyFans will process them for verification. This processing can take between 24 to 72 hours for the platform to complete, and then you’ll receive a notification on if you’ve been verified or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all creators have to be verified on OnlyFans?

Yes, all OnlyFans content creators must verify their accounts on the platform. This is the only way they can access the full features it has to offer and freely share their content with subscribers. 

If you’re having issues with a co-star who doesn’t want a verified OnlyFans account, you can explain that they don’t have to be active or upload content. They only need to verify their identity with OnlyFans itself or sign the OnlyFans model release form. 

When they’re done with the verification, they can leave the account with a random and anonymous user name, and even remove the profile pictures. There is no possibility of their private information leaking from OnlyFans, as verification is a private process on the platform. 

What else does OnlyFans require for featured creators?

Asides from the required release form, OnlyFans may also require certain things from any creators you feature in your content. This includes their government-issued ID and a selfie of the co-star with this ID. 

The platform may also request your co-star to take a selfie with the signed release form you submitted. This is especially important where the age and identity of your co-creator are under investigation by the platform. 

What happens if you don’t get an OnlyFans release form?

If you can’t obtain the required release form and go ahead with posting content featuring other creators on your profile, there can be serious consequences for your account. The most likely result is that your profile will get restricted by OnlyFans. 

If the case is serious or you’re a repeat offender, the platform might permanently suspend you, which will terminate your earnings from the platform. You must be very careful to not violate this policy regarding featured creators. Always insist that your co-stars fill out the OnlyFans release form. 

OnlyFans is known for its strict policies and sanctions regarding inappropriate behavior. They are also very careful about the privacy and consent of all their creators, so be careful when featuring other people in your content. 

How long does it take to get the verified release from OnlyFans?

After you’ve obtained an OnlyFans model release form and gotten it signed by your co-stars, it’s a straightforward process for the platform. The moderators take between 3 to 7 days to process the form and confirm the identity and age of your co-stars. 

When the verification is complete and the release form has been processed, you’ll receive a notification that your content is secure. The timeline is shorter if OnlyFans is just verifying the profile of your tagged co-star. In this case, verification takes between 24–72 hours.


The importance of a model release form for OnlyFans cannot be over-emphasized. It’s a very important document to protect the privacy of you and your featured content creators. The primary purpose is to verify the identity and age of your co-stars, except they create a verified account on OnlyFans, which is a simple process we’ve outlined. 

We’ve explained when the OnlyFans model release form is required and how to fill it correctly and answered some common questions in this area. This is all the information you need as you build your profile on the platform. Good luck!

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