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The question “How do you search on OnlyFans” is very common among beginner content creators on the platform. If you need to know how to find profiles and content on OnlyFans, this is the right place. 

To ensure the security and privacy of its content creators, OnlyFans has made it tricky to learn how to search on OnlyFans. Their search button function is restrictive and difficult to pinpoint specific accounts you’re looking for. 

Regardless, there are several methods for an OnlyFans account search, which are outlined in this article. We also answer some frequently asked questions about the OnlyFans search feature. 

How do you search OnlyFans?

To understand how to find content on OnlyFans, you must first learn how to search on OnlyFans and find creators that fit your preferences. There are multiple ways to search for other people on OnlyFans, which are all straightforward. Here are some easy methods you can use:

1. Search with a username

One of the simplest ways to find a creator on OnlyFans is by searching with their username. If you have this information, finding their profile on OnlyFans is a straightforward process. 

Using this format, “” you can use any browser on your phone or laptop to find the creator. Replace the username portion with the creator’s OnlyFans user name and search it on your browser. 

Another method is to search for the username directly on your browser. You can add keywords relating to the creator’s niche of content and use this format, “Username Keyword” when searching on your browser. 

2. Search using the OnlyFans Built-In Search Feature

The OnlyFans search feature on the website itself should be the easiest way to find a creator, but this isn’t the case. The platform has limited the performance of the search bar, to protect the identity and privacy of their content creators. Follow the steps below to use the search feature:

Step 1: Sign in to your OnlyFans account. That’s the only way you can access the search bar on the platform. 

Step 2: Check your Homepage for the Search bar, which is usually at the top right corner of the page. 

Step 3: If you have the creator’s username, type it into the bar and press Enter. If you’re not sure of the username, type the closest thing you remember of it and add a few keywords. This might help the engine narrow down to the creator you’re looking for. 

After this, the OnlyFans search feature will generate results of content creators with usernames similar to what you searched. Look through the results, especially their profile pictures, to be sure it’s the right creator you’re trying to find. 

3. Search using third-party OnlyFans search engines

Because of the restricted performance of the OnlyFans built-in search engine, there is another search engine option to do an OnlyFans user search. These are third-party search engines, which aren’t run by OnlyFans and are not affiliated with the platform. 

These search engines are a useful tool in learning how to search on OnlyFans. As a creator, optimizing your profile on the platform will make these engines index your account. This makes your page more visible to people when they search for OnlyFans content creators. It also drives free and organic traffic to your content and page. 

Some of the most popular third-party search engines to help you search on OnlyFans include:

  • OnlyFinder
  • Fansmetrics
  • Hubite
  • Fanspleaser
  • Onlysearch

How to do an OnlyFans creator search 

If you don’t have the username of the OnlyFans content creator you’re trying to find, there are still methods for you to find them. If you have information like their social media profile or e-mail, there’s still hope to find them on the platform. Here’s a breakdown of each method:

1. Through their social media accounts

Many content creators on OnlyFans often advertise their pictures, videos, and other content on other social media platforms. This is a great boost to their account visibility, especially when they’re popular on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

They advertise their content by sharing direct links on these apps, sometimes with a teaser to the full video on OnlyFans. If you know the social media handles of a popular OnlyFans creator, you can check their page for previous direct links they’ve shared. 

If you can find any of these direct links, you can follow them to directly access the content they were advertising and their page. You can also copy the URL, paste it into your browser, and get access to their OnlyFans profile. 

2. Through their email address

How do you search on OnlyFans with just the email address of the creator you’re trying to find? You might not be able to access their profile on the platform, but it’s a great method to determine if they do have an active account with OnlyFans. 

You can do this OnlyFans account search by trying to create a new account on the platform with that email address. You won’t actually be able to access their email or the account, because OnlyFans sends a confirmation email to create an account and a notification email for every login attempt. 

The first step to confirm an active OnlyFans account using an email address is to open the OnlyFans website and follow the “Create an account” prompt. If the platform accepts the email address, it means the person hasn’t used that email to create an OnlyFans account. 

The creator you’re looking for could have used another email you don’t know to create an account, or they’re not on the platform at all. If the email is denied, then the person has an active account on OnlyFans. They are either running a subscriber or creator’s profile. 

How to browse OnlyFans 

OnlyFans is one of the most popular platforms for selling all types of content. It’s run on subscriptions paid to the platform by creators and subscription fees paid by users to the creators to access their content. 

You might see several adverts on how to access the OnlyFans platform and creators’ profiles for free, but it’s most likely fake. These are usually illegal or scam methods that can put you at risk of identity theft, viruses, and other malware. The only proper way to browse OnlyFans is to create an account and subscribe to your preferred content creators. 

You first either log in to your existing account or create a new OnlyFans account from scratch. When you finally log in, you’ll be taken to the Home page, which has a sidebar with prompts for your Profile, Notification, and Security settings. 

On your Home page, you can view your OnlyFans feed. This feed is a random list of content posted by content creators you’re subscribed to and your close friends on the platform. There will also be a bar of suggestions for creators you might have an interest in on OnlyFans. 

On this feed, you can see older content shared by your subscribed creators, which is an easy method for how to find content on OnlyFans. You can follow the posts on your feed to their profile, and access new content. You can also find new creators that are in the same niche and decide whether to subscribe and access their content as well. 

Where is the OnlyFans search feature located? 

Once you log in to your OnlyFans account, you can access your Home page. At the top right corner of this page, there is a search icon, which gives you access to the search engine. This is one of the simplest ways to find a content creator on OnlyFans. 

Once you type the username or keywords of the creator you want in the search icon, it’ll produce creators with that name or similar usernames. However, you should remember that the OnlyFans search feature has limited functionality and its results aren’t always thorough. 

How to do an OnlyFans creator search without a username 

If you don’t have an account on OnlyFans but still want to find a particular creator on the platform, there are still a few methods you can try. However, you’ll need important data on the person, such as their real name, username, or social media handles. 

As we mentioned previously, you can easily find direct links to content creators’ OnlyFans profiles through their social media pages. They usually post these links to promote their content and access a wider audience. For Twitter and Instagram, you can find these links on the creators’ bio or in the caption for teaser and announcement posts. 

If you have their username, you can search it on social media to find any direct links they posted to their content. You can also use the browser method mentioned before, to search the name on your browser. 

However, you may not be able to access their profile on the platform and content without creating an account. This is an indirect method for how to search on OnlyFans. You will only see that they do have an OnlyFans account. 

Can you remove your account from being searched?

Because of the stigma surrounding being an OnlyFans content creator in the sex content niche, you may want to prevent people from searching for your profile. The only way to ensure this is to keep your OnlyFans account anonymous. 

To keep your profile anonymous, make sure not to use your real name or any nicknames for your username. This will make it extremely difficult for people to find you on the platform unless they know the username of your profile. 

However, you should know that OnlyFans itself and its moderators will always know your real identity. Your anonymity is only to other content creators, subscribers, and viewers. This is because you must submit your full legal name and bank account to the platform to verify your creator account. 

Here are two tips to ensure people can’t search on OnlyFans for your account easily:

1. Do not promote your content on social media platforms. 

One of the easiest methods on how to search on OnlyFans for your profile is to check social media for direct links. They can follow this direct link to access your profile and the content available on the platform. 

The best thing is to not link your OnlyFans to any social media accounts. You should also avoid promoting your content on apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This way, no one will be able to find your OnlyFans account through your social media. 

2. Make sure to use an anonymous email account. 

When you create your OnlyFans account, use a separate and private email address to verify the profile. Make sure not to use your real name or any nicknames for the email address, so no one can trace it to you. Keep this email address private to yourself, or someone can use it to still confirm if you have an active account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the OnlyFans search feature so limited?

We explained that the OnlyFans search engine is not a good option for how to search on OnlyFans. This is because the platform is trying to put the privacy and security of its content creators first. 

Since the rise of OnlyFans, it has become associated heavily with porn stars and adult content creators. Because of the stigma of this industry, many of these creators prefer to remain anonymous or private on platforms like OnlyFans. 

This means the platform has to ensure their privacy or at least make it more difficult to find a creator on OnlyFans. This also helps to protect creators from searches by their employers, family, or stalkers. This is why the search engine has limited functionality and to maintain the interests of its creators, it’s unlikely OnlyFans will improve that function anytime soon. 

How long does an OnlyFans profile search take?

Once you know how to find content on OnlyFans, you can complete your search within 10 to 15 minutes of quick research. It would be a faster process if you have the creator’s actual username on the platform, as the various search engine options produce results in seconds. 

If you only have their social media, email, or real name, your search might last a bit longer. However, if you don’t have any information at all or the creator has ensured their anonymity on the platform, you might be in for a lengthy search. 

Can you do an OnlyFans user search if you don’t have a subscription?

Yes, you can still search for content creators on the platform without subscribing to them or other creators. 

How do you search on OnlyFans if you don’t have a subscription? Simple, you still have access to your profile and Home page, even without any active subscriptions. This means you can still access the search feature on the platform. 

However, you can’t actually access and view the creator’s content without subscribing to their profile first. The only exception is where the creator has posted free view content or a teaser video you can access without a subscription. 

Even without subscribing, all you need is relevant information about the creator, such as their real name or username. If you don’t have these, you can try using tools like third-party search engines, email, or social media pages. 


Understanding how to search on OnlyFans is a really simple process, with straightforward search processes you can do in minutes. The platform does its best to maintain the privacy and anonymity of its content creators by limiting its OnlyFans search feature, but there are ways to get around this. 

You can do an OnlyFans account search through their real name, email address, and even social media pages. We also answered some popular questions on how to find content on OnlyFans, so your future searches will be a breeze from now on. 

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