selling feet pics Anonymously

A lot of people know that if they sell feet pics, they can make a rather sizeable sum of cash. They are a bit wary of people knowing what they are doing, though. However, thankfully, selling feet pics anonymously isn’t all that difficult. You will have to take a few precautions. However, for the most part, you can get away with selling your feet pics online without anybody knowing who you are.

This is a guide on how to sell feet pics anonymously on foot fetish sites like Feetify. Follow this guide and you can have your feet pics sold without anybody knowing who you are. 

Why You May Want To Sell Feet Pics Anonymously 

Before we dive into our guide on how to sell feet photos anonymously, we want to start by chatting a little bit about the reasons why some people may not want people to know that they are selling feet photos online.

While selling feet pics is hardly at the top of the pile of crazy things that you do in the world of adult entertainment, it is still catering to a fetish, and most people don’t want others to know that they are making money doing something that is inherently sexual. There is a stigma around it.

A lot of people don’t want their friends and family to find out. They certainly don’t want their employers to find out, so we really don’t blame anybody who doesn’t want people to know who they are. People have lost jobs because discovered they sold their feet pics.

Of course, there are also safety reasons behind it. Let’s be honest, some of the people buying sexy photos online may not be the most stable. It is uncommon, but this type of thing can lead to stalking. You really, really don’t want to be the victim of stalking.

The Downside of Selling Feet Pics Anonymously 

This wouldn’t really be a guide to selling feet pics anonymously online if we didn’t tell you that there are some downsides to selling feet pics anonymously. Actually, just one major downside. 

When you are anonymous, your income is going to be massively limited. A lot of people are willing to pay some serious cash for women who are willing to show their faces as they snap photos. Your feet pics sell for way more when you do this. So, somebody who remains completely anonymous is never going to make huge sums of cash. 

It is worth bearing in mind that it is almost impossible to be completely anonymous when you sell pics online. You will have to give your ID to the platform so they know that you are over 18. Well, if you are using a reputable platform, at least. There is also the risk that somebody can do a bit of detective work and determine who you are. However, we are confident that this won’t happen in most cases. You just need to bear in mind that no matter how hard you try to sell feet pics anonymously, somebody can always work out who you are.

How To Sell Feet Pics Anonymously – Top Tips 

So, now that we have discussed the pros and cons of selling feet pics anonymously, we can start sharing a few tips on how to anonymously sell feet pics online. A lot of this is likely to be common sense, but in a world where most of us are snapping pictures daily, it is worth being reminded of the basics. 

Choosing The Right Feet Pics Platforms 

If you want to stay anonymous when selling feet pics, then it begins with choosing the right place to sell those photos. There are plenty of websites designed for selling feet pics online, but the best is Feetify. It is a reputable website and has legions of people selling their feet pics anonymously there. 

The reason why you need the right platform is that the right platform will understand just how important it is that your identity is protected. They will be protecting the identity of thousands of people, just like you. This means that you can feel confident knowing that Feetify is never going to reveal your identity.

These sites will require you to provide an ID for legal purposes, but they won’t keep hold of it.

Remember, choosing the right platform will go well beyond helping you to remain anonymous when you are selling your feet pics online. Choosing the right platform will ensure that your photos are put in front of tons of potential buyers. This means that you can make a lot more money.

This is why we highly recommend Feetify. The site is firmly established. It has been proven to be a secure website (you don’t need to worry about your personal information being stolen), and you will make a lot more money there. There is barely a woman selling feet photos for a living who doesn’t have an account on Feetify. That’s how good the website is! 

Don’t Show Your Face

Yes. Your goal is to have your feet pics sell like crazy, but you probably won’t just be snapping photos of your feet all the time. If you want to make a lot of cash, then you will need to spice your images up a little bit.

If you want to be anonymous, then make sure that you aren’t including any part of your face in the photo or video. Be careful here too. Something like a mirror in the background could show your face without you realizing it!

Don’t Show Identifying Marks On Your Body 

If you have identifying marks on your body e.g. moles in a certain place, scars, tattoos, etc. then make sure that you keep them out of the pictures. If any part of your body is instantly recognizable, then people will use that to identify you.

We have seen people in the adult entertainment world get identified from the smallest of tattoos.

If you have unique marks on your feet, then you may want to avoid selling foot photos altogether. Somebody will use them to identify you eventually. 

Remove Identifying Objects and Clothing From Scenes

You will be surprised at just how much a photo can reveal about who you are. For example, certain product packaging could determine where you live. Addresses on grocery store bags could help people nail down the area where you live.

Somewhat bafflingly, we have seen people who wish to sell their feet pics anonymously wearing highly identifiable clothing e.g. an old T-shirt with their school or university name on it. A sports team shirt, etc. Although, because sports teams often have global fanbases, that part is probably less of a risk. 

Don’t Share Too Much About Your Life On Your Profile

The more details you give people online, the more chance they have of being able to work out who you are.

A lot of the people who try to sell feet pics anonymously create a fake persona. By creating a fake online persona, there is less of a chance of somebody identifying you. After all, all the information that you have given them about who you are is fake.

Now, of course, you will have to weigh up the pros and cons of creating a fake persona online. The major benefit is that you can stay anonymous. However, you also have to try and keep up with a lie, which can be incredibly tough. Some people are not massive fans of living the whole dual persona thing either.

If you do go down this route, and we know many women on Feetify who have sold their photos with fake personas, we highly recommend that you change a couple of pieces of information about yourself. For example, the town that you come from, and your name. Age doesn’t matter too much. 

We suggest that you write down a bit of information about your fake persona. This will also make it a whole lot easier for you to track what is going on. 

Filming Videos? Avoid Speaking 

Unless you live in a completely different part of the world from where you grew up, you have an accent. Almost every single accent can be narrowed down to a very specific area (less so if you are an American). So, if you speak, you are giving people more of an opportunity to find out who you are. 

Keep Personal Details To The Minimum in Conversations 

If you are good at what you do, sooner or later somebody is going to drop you a message asking for custom pics. This is a great way to make money, but a lot of people do want to talk to you beforehand. If you turn them away, you could lose out on the bulk of money that you can make from selling your feet pics online.

We suggest that you keep any personal information shared in these conversations to a minimum. Most people aren’t fussed about getting to know you too well anyway. They just want to know just enough to get them horny.

Remember, while most people who contact you directly are just there to get some custom pics from you, there is a small minority of people who are fishing for information. We have seen people ‘fall in love’ with models (yes, we know it isn’t real love), and try to find out more about their private life to extend that fantasy.

We suggest that you have limits on what you share with people. Never cross the limits that you have put in place. Once again, this is where something like a fake persona is going to come in incredibly handy!

Keep a Spare Phone Just For Selling Feet Pics

If you have a partner, then make sure that they know why you have a second phone. Remember, you should never sell foot photos anonymously if you are in a relationship. At least one other person has to know. It is only fair if you are selling pics with the intent of turning somebody else on.

But, if you have a second phone just for selling feet pics, then you won’t run the risk of friends & family members seeing pics that they really shouldn’t be seeing, and you won’t be dealing with awful messages when you are out and about.

It only needs to be a basic phone. Connecting to Wi-Fi and being able to snap photos is all that it needs to do. Unless you plan on taking photos out and about, the phone can stay at home securely all the time. 

Don’t Tell Your Friends

‘Yep. Even if you trust your friends and family, you should not tell them that you are selling feet photos online. Arguments happen, and we have seen plenty of people get burned by those whom they thought they could trust.

Plus, if you are trying to sell feet pics anonymously, the more people that know about how you are making money, the more people there are that could potentially let slip that you are sharing online feet pics. Even if you trust somebody, it only takes some alcohol flowing a bit too freely and they can, accidentally, share what you do for a living. 

Remember, this does not negate the idea of telling your partner that you are selling feet photos. Although, you don’t have to do this as soon as you start dating. Once you know that you are serious about them (and they are serious about you), then you can start opening up a little bit more. 

Use a New Email Address For Your Feet Pics

Never tie your feet pic accounts to your main email address. If somebody accidentally reads your emails, then they will know what you are doing.

When you sign up for Feetify, we highly recommend that you create a new email address ( is free) and use that for all of your adult work. It is a lot easier to control like that.

When you are making your new email account, try to ensure that it is not tied to your real name. You can put a fake name in there, if you wish (tied to your online persona), to ensure that there is a far, far lower chance of somebody working out who you are.

Block People That Make You Feel Uncomfortable 

If somebody makes you feel uncomfortable, then block them. If they are asking too many questions and you are afraid that you will let something slip, then make sure that you block the person. It really will help.

Feetify has recently introduced a blocking feature so this is now easier than ever before!

This applies to social media too. A lot of people will try and identify you through social media. It isn’t worth the hassle of trying to interact with them, so just block them. It is going to save you a whole lot of headaches in the future. 

Consider Your Username 

Make sure that your username doesn’t share any personal details about who you are. Some people include their birth year in there or even their name. If you want to sell your feet pics anonymously, then make sure that the name is 100% identifier-free. This should be easy. 

What To Do If Somebody Finds Out You Sell Feet Pics Online?

Hopefully, this never happens to you. If you have followed the tips that we gave you before, then it is unlikely to happen. Still, there is always the risk. If you do not want there to be any risk associated with selling feet pics online, then you shouldn’t get into this business. So, what do you do if somebody finds out who you are?

If they are a customer and they reach out through social media (or Feetify) sharing personal information about you, then block them. In 99% of cases, this will fix the problem.

If it is a friend or family member who has discovered that you sell feet pics online, then things are a little bit trickier. You will have to confront them, and how you do this will be highly dependent on who that person is. You know them a whole lot better than we do. 

If you can, take them to one side and ask that they do not tell other people. 99.9% of the time, a person won’t do that. They care about you, and if you tell them your reasons why you don’t want those photos shared, then they are going to listen to you.

Unfortunately, if they do decide to not listen to your wishes and start to tell other people, then knowing how to react is tough. You may have to ditch the idea of selling feet pics anonymously and instead ‘come out’ and sell in public (at least to your family). 

Can You Promote Feet Pics Without Showing Your Face?

While Feetify is a tremendous website for selling your feet photos, sales will only trickle in if you lightly market yourself. You need to be actively pushing people toward your content. But, can you still be anonymous when you do this?

Thankfully, yes. The same rules that we gave you before will apply. Do exactly what you would do when selling pics when you are promoting yourself (i.e. make sure that your content is as anonymous as possible), and you will be fine.

A lot of women who sell feet pics will work closely with other feet sellers for cross-promotion. Those women will know exactly how important it is to be anonymous when selling pics online, so you can easily work with them safely in the knowledge that they won’t let your information slip. 

Hope you got the answer for where to sell feet pics without ID.


Can You Sell Feet Pics Without ID?

Not on a reputable online foot pic selling platform, no. This is because they need to know that you are over 18. However, they will keep your identity secret, don’t worry. 

Can You Sell Feet Pics Anonymously?

You can. It is a little bit trickier because you have to take special precautions i.e. not showing your face, making sure that there is nothing that could give away your identity in the pics. However, it isn’t as tough as you may think. Most women sell their feet pics anonymously. 

Can You Sell Feet Pics Without Faces?

You absolutely can. However, if you sell pics without your face, it will severely limit your potential to make money online. A lot of money through feet pics is made from custom content, and most customers will require you to show your face if you want the big bucks.

Friend Discovered I Sell Feet Pics Online?

The best you can do is explain to them why it is so important that you remain anonymous online. If they care about you, then they are not going to tell anybody else what you are doing. 

Can You Receive Payments For Feet Pics Anonymously?

No. For legal and tax purposes, all payments must be made in your real name. The customer will not know your name, though. 

Sell Your Feet Pics Today

You can sell feet pics anonymously. Sometimes, it will feel like you are leading a bit of a double life since you won’t be able to tell your friends and family about it, but it is possible to sell your pics without anybody knowing what you are doing. Chances are, it may limit your income from custom photos, though.

If you want to start selling your feet pics anonymously, head on over to Feetify where you can start selling your content today. Remember, you will have to share your ID, but this will only be with the team at Feetify, and they need to check it for legal purposes. They are not there to identify you in the world!

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