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It is no secret that women have a fairly easy time selling their feet pics online. There is a huge demand for their feet pics in the current market. But, what about men? Is there a market for men’s feet pics?

We want to discuss this on this page, because the answer may surprise you.

Can Guys Make Money Selling Feet Pics?

So, the answer to ‘Do guys sell feet pictures?’ is a resounding yes. Guys do sell feet pictures. However, they are going to be nowhere near as successful as women selling feet pics online.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the people who seem to be into the feet fetish kink are looking out for women’s feet pics. So, if you are looking into selling feet pics as a man, you are going to have your work cut out for you.

This isn’t to say that it is impossible to sell male feet pics. There are plenty of people on websites like FunWithFeet who are making a decent amount of money. However, we doubt that when men sell feet pics there is a way to make a full-time income.

So, why is this? Well, we don’t quite know. It is just that you rarely see men’s feet pics for sale. There just seems to be no demand for it. Although let’s be honest, this is something that applies to pretty much every part of the adult entertainment world. The only people that ever really seem to be in demand are women. Men barely ever get a look in, perhaps because the vast majority of viewers of adult entertainment are straight males.

However, please don’t let this put you off. If you are a man looking to sell feet pics online, then the answer to the question ‘is there a market for men’s feet pics?’ is yes, just not as much of a market, and you will have to work a lot harder to get even a small slice of the pie. More on how to sell feet pics as a guy a little later on.

Who Buys Male Feet Pics?

Not many people! Well, they do. But, as we said, the market for male feet pics is a lot more limited than the market for female feet pics.

It doesn’t appear as if women are all that keen to purchase male feet pics. While we are sure that some of them will pick them up when males get into adult entertainment, rarely will women be looking at feet pics.

In almost all cases, if a man is going to be selling their feet pics online, it will be to gay men. They are the big buyers, at least on FunWithFeet. You don’t have to be gay to sell your feet pics (obviously) but bear in mind that if you aren’t gay, the bulk of the people who will be speaking to you will be gay men, and you may need to chat with them if you want to stand a decent chance of selling your feet pics to them. 

In other cases, feet pics will be sold by those who are modeling their feet. So, they aren’t being sold for the sexual excitement of having feet pics, but for marketing, etc. However, the bulk of the feet pics being sold in this area will be female feet pics.

How Much Can a Guy Make Selling Feet Pics?

As we said, selling feet pics as a man is incredibly tough. You have to work hard, and you aren’t going to be earning a whole lot of cash for the effort that you put into it. Male feet pics sell for a far, far lower price. 

We can’t state exactly how much men’s feet pictures sell for because the market is so small. We do know that even the most successful men in the world of male feet pics are not making a whole lot of cash, though. At the most, they are making enough to cover a part-time income. Unfortunately, while there are ways to make huge sums of cash in adult entertainment as a man, selling feet pics is not it. 

How To Offer Men’s Feet Pics For Sale

So, now you know that there is a market for selling male feet pics, let’s dive into how you can go about selling them, shall we? After all, you need to make sure that you are doing your best to grab a chunk of the rather small market. 

Choose The Right Website

As we have said several times, selling feet pics as a man is insanely difficult. You have limited options when it comes to platforms to sell your feet pics. Women can sell them pretty much everywhere, but men are going to struggle incredibly hard. For us, there is only one website where we think men have a chance of selling feet pics.

We suggest that you head on over to FunWithFeet. This website is packed to the brim with people with a foot fetish, so you will almost certainly find one of your target customers here. We think this is the only foot fetish website that we have ever encountered where there are men in the biggest-selling feet pic lists, which goes to show that men are having a decent amount of success here.

All of the platforms recommended for women are out. While some men may have some success selling on places like Shutterstock, this isn’t all that common. It is still women’s feet pics that sell the most there. Although, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to throw up a few-foot pics here and there. You never know whether it will sell.

You absolutely couldn’t sell your feet pics on places like Tinder. It is just going to be too hard. If you want to target the gay market, then you might be able to shift a few if you used something like Grindr, but even that is going to be difficult. So, stick to FunWithFeet as much as you possibly can. 

Take The Right Pictures

If you are selling feet pics as a man, you are going to be targeting the gay market. As we said, it is very uncommon for women to have a foot fetish, so you probably won’t want to be targeting pictures of them. You can, but you probably won’t have that much success.

We recommend that you take high-quality photos of your feet in the shower, on the beach, etc. If somebody asks for custom shots from you, then don’t be afraid to get a little bit naked in the photos. Well, if you are comfortable with it. Although, we can promise you that pretty much all the money to be made in the feet fetish kink involves nudity in some way.

You should be uploading photographs to your FunWithFeet gallery regularly. We suggest once every few days. Once you notice that certain pics start to sell, make a note of what type of pic it is. You can then focus on that pic going forward.

When you start to have a decent number of sales, you’ll probably have people reaching out to you asking if you can take some custom shots for them. We suggest that you do. This is where almost all the money is made in the foot fetish kink. Some may even pay you for a bit of dirty chat. 

Market Your Business in the Right Way

As a male selling feet pics, your goal will be to target the gay market. While some women will buy your feet pics, it probably won’t be enough to sustain your business. So, target gay people (even if you aren’t gay yourself).

At the very minimum, you should get yourself an Instagram and a Twitter account. Learn how to target yourself in certain communities. There are plenty of guides to marketing yourself online here.

As a man, we suggest that you give a couple of pics away for free for people. This way, you give them a ‘taste’ of what they could be getting if they decide to buy pictures from you. FunWithFeet allows you to set pictures to free (only set one or two pics to free), so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

After a few days, perhaps a week or so, you may see your first sales start to roll in. However, once again, we cannot stress enough just how much work it is going to take for you to get to that point. Keep chugging along, though. Once you have made that first sale, everything becomes a whole lot easier! 

Where To Sell Feet Pics as a Guy?

As we said a little bit earlier, if you are a guy then you have very, very limited options about where you can be selling your feet pics. You just have two choices.


Shutterstock is for those men who know that they want to sell feet pics, but they don’t want to be too sexual when they are selling feet pics.

Shutterstock is a platform for selling modeling shots. When you sell your feet pics here, people are going to be buying them for use in marketing campaigns, etc. This can generate a decent chunk of cash.

However, do bear in mind that it is especially tricky to sell pictures on Shutterstock if you are an amateur. You have to remember that the people picking up pictures on platforms like this are professionals. Their photos need to be used in marketing material, and if what you produce isn’t good, then people just aren’t going to bother buying it.

Only go down the route of Shutterstock if you not only have a professional camera set-up in place but also know how to edit your photos. We don’t think we have ever seen a situation where unprofessional images sell on Shutterstock, and this includes women’s feet pics.


The best place for selling your feet pics as a male is FeeFinder. This is, by far, the largest platform in the world for feet fetish pics. While it is mostly dominated by women, there are plenty of men that have managed to make their way to the top seller list on FunWithFeet and, if you know how to market your business well, there is a good chance that you can end up there too.

The major benefit of FunWithFeet is that you have a pre-established base of customers there. You already know that the vast majority of people kicking about on the platform are looking for feet pics, perhaps not male feet pics, but some of them are.

If you upload regular pictures to your FunWithFeet account and regularly interact with anybody who drops you a message, then there is a good chance that you can end up making some serious sales.

One of the major benefits of FunWithFeet over Shutterstock is that you don’t need to worry about the quality of your images too much. You should always be looking to sell the best quality images possible, but you don’t need a professional camera setup here. Having a couple of smartphone snaps of your feet can help.

Your main concern is making sure that the pictures that you do take are posed incredibly well. So, think about the sorts of situations where people may end up wanting to see your feet. One of the best ways to determine which male feet pics will sell is to head onto FunWithFeet and look through the male feet pic sellers there. We can guarantee that you will walk away with a few ideas of your own.

Remember, whether you use a dedicated platform like FunWithFeet or not, the initial sales are always going to be incredibly slow. This is because you are a man. However, we promise you that if you keep plugging away at things, you will make some cash. 

Choices That Probably Won’t Work

If you are a male, we wouldn’t suggest that you use Tinder to sell your male feet pics. We know that women have had a little bit of success there, but males rarely do. You can use platforms targeted at gay people like Grindr, but even that may have you struggling to sell your feet pics. It is like finding a needle in a haystack.

You should also avoid selling your feet’ pics directly over social media. For starters, there is a major risk of you getting scammed when you do that. Your goal when you are selling feet pics is to get regular customers. The best way to get those regular customers is to market yourself on social media and drive people toward your FunWithFeet profile.

You can start your website when you are getting into the business. However, we wouldn’t use this as your main website for selling feet pics. You may make a couple of sales through your site, but it takes a lot of effort to market a website. Your best bet is to use your website to drive traffic toward your FunWithFeet profile. This way, you’ll make a couple of sales while also having the protection of FunWithFeet. Later on, you can expand your operations and focus more on driving traffic toward your website. Although, that will be much, much later on.


Where is the best place for selling feet pics as a man?

FunWithFeet is the best place to sell feet pics as a man. It is the only website where male feet pics sell with any sort of frequency. 

Is there a market for men’s feet pics?

There is, but it is a very, very small market. You’ll have to market yourself incredibly hard if you want to earn even a small amount of cash. Use top websites like FunWithFeet if you want to give yourself a leg-up in the business.

Do guys sell feet pictures?

Yes. Guys sell feet pictures. It is a bit harder to find males selling feet pics online, but we promise you that they exist. If you are a man looking to sell feet pics online, then head to FunWithFeet to get started.

Final Thoughts

So, is there a market for men’s feet pics? Well, the truth is that there is a market, but the market isn’t that big. While we won’t say you can’t sell feet pics as a man, you’ll be working hard to do it. So, make sure that you get off on the right foot. Register for FunWithFeet today and you will have access to the largest foot fetish website in the world. If you are going to sell feet pics, it’ll be here.

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