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Plenty of platforms sell feet pics. For many, one of the first companies that springs to mind is Shutterstock. We won’t lie. There is money to be made on Shutterstock. While we don’t necessarily believe it is the best platform for those planning to make long-term cash, we have seen plenty of people selling feet pics on Shutterstock and making some cash.

On this page, we are going to give you a complete guide to selling feet pics on Shutterstock. We won’t leave a stone unturned to help you decide how to start selling pictures on this platform. We will also give you an alternative platform where you can make even more cash.

What Is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is the world’s leading online stock photo website. The website has been designed for those who want to purchase images for use in marketing materials, on websites, etc.

It isn’t typically a website one would use to hunt down feet pics for sexual pleasure but, as you know, people are willing to do anything if it can meet their kink.

Shutterstock relies on photographers to upload images. When an image sells, Shutterstock takes a commission and the photographer gets the rest of the money. It is no wonder that so many people searching for platforms that sell feet pics start at Shutterstock. It makes sense. They know the site sells photos already. 

Why Shutterstock Is a Good Place To Sell Feet Pics

We are going to come right out and say that for those who genuinely want to make money uploading feet pics, Shutterstock probably isn’t going to be the best website to use. Sure, people buy feet pics there, but nowhere near as often as dedicated feet pics platforms. Still, there are a few advantages to selling on Shutterstock.

For starters, it is the world’s largest stock photo marketplace. The buyers are there, and Shutterstock does a brilliant job of bringing them in. So, if you take good photos, there is a good chance that they will sell.

A lot of people also enjoy the fact that selling feet pics on Shutterstock isn’t sexual. Shutterstock doesn’t allow any sexual material to be posted on their website, so for some people, putting pics here seems much more respectable. While you may want to keep selling feet pics on the down-low with other platforms, it never really feels like you need to with Shutterstock. 

Because customers can’t directly contact you on Shutterstock, you also don’t have to worry about people hounding you with messages just because they like the look of your feet.

Shutterstock is also a great place to put your photography skills to the test, and perhaps score some photo sales for things outside of standard feet photos. We have seen people score modeling jobs, or more photography jobs, based on the strength of their Shutterstock portfolios. 

Why You May Want to Avoid Selling Feet Pics on Shutterstock

As we said, Shutterstock isn’t one of the best feet-selling platforms. Feet pics on Feetify is probably the best route to go down, but more on that soon.

The problem is that Shutterstock isn’t designed for sexual images which, as you probably noticed, we also listed as a positive too.

Because sexual images are not allowed on Shutterstock, there is less money-making ability. Most people who buy feet pics aren’t looking just for feet pics, they are looking for something a bit more sexual and fancy. If you can get your boobs and ass in there, then pics will sell like crazy. That doesn’t happen on Shutterstock.

You also have to remember that because Shutterstock is a huge stock photo company, the vast majority of people there aren’t looking for foot pics. Those that want feet pics will be heading to the main feet pic selling websites, hence why you should be there.

Shutterstock also limits the money-making ability of the sellers. Sure, you can upload feet pics to the site, but there is no option to create custom content. For most feet pic sellers, it is custom content that delivers the most cash.

Finally, Shutterstock demands quality photos. People that head to Shutterstock are there not to gawp at bare feet, but to buy stuff for marketing purposes. So, if you don’t know all that much about lighting and composition of photos, then you probably won’t get that much cash from them through Shutterstock. You would probably struggle to make any money through the platform. 

Don’t get us wrong. We do see some value in staying at Shutterstock. It is a good way to make some extra cash but if you are serious about making money then this absolutely should not be your main platform. 

How to Use Shutterstock and Start Making Money With Feet Pics

One of the reasons people tend to head to Shutterstock to sell their feet pictures is because the site is just so incredibly accessible. You can start uploading and selling pictures within a couple of minutes. Although, honestly, the same can be said for Feetify. Still, if you have your heart set on selling your pictures through Shutterstock, then we are going to tell you exactly how you can do this. Don’t worry. It isn’t that complicated.

Register For An Account

To get started, you will need to register for a Shutterstock account. Click the ‘Getting Started’ button.

You will be asked for some basic information e.g. username and password. Do bear in mind that the username that you select is going to be visible to the world, so if you are planning on selling feet pics on Shutterstock anonymously, then you will want to make sure there is no identifier in the username.  

Once you have created your account, you are ready to start selling. But, before you do that, you will need to snap some pictures. 

Snapping Your Photos

We encourage you to read through the rules for photo submissions on Shutterstock. As you will very quickly discover, you can’t put anything sexual on the platform, so your feet pics need to be basic feet pics. Nothing is designed to get people horny.

As we mentioned a little earlier, selling feet pics on Shutterstock does demand slightly higher quality photos than your typical feet-selling photo. Once again, it isn’t about sexualization. You need to think about the content behind the photo being taken.

Before you start selling feet pics on Shutterstock, we highly recommend that you have a look at some of the other feet pics being sold on Shutterstock. Preferably, look at the ones that seem to have the highest number of sales. This should give you a rough idea of what type of thing to include in your photo.

Beach feet shots, shower feet shots, etc. all seem to work incredibly well. Feet-selling pics on Shutterstock only work best when there is more context. This is because people are buying these pics to use in their marketing material.

Before you start selling feel pics on the platform, you should watch at least a basic guide to taking photos. You may want to get hold of a decent camera too. Pics on smartphones are never going to sell as well. Learn how to use your camera and snapping photos will be an absolute breeze. 

Uploading Your Photos

Once you have snapped your first photos (a good 20-30 will be a great start), then you can start uploading them.

Make sure that you give each picture a proper description, including the tags for the photo. You want to ensure that your Shutterstock pictures are easy to find on the platform. So, don’t just use a tag ‘feet’ or something, give context behind the picture. For example, if you were on a beach in England, then you could use tags like ‘feet’, ‘beach’, and ‘England’, which should grab more searchers. The more you use Shutterstock, the easier it will be to work out how to describe your photos, don’t worry.

We recommend that you sort the photos that you take into photo albums. This should make it a whole lot easier for people to find your content if they want to buy more of it. So, have an album dedicated to your feet photos. If people like your photography style, then they will keep buying from you. We promise.

The key to making as much money as possible with Shutterstock is to keep uploading images to the platform. The more you upload, the more opportunities there are to sell. As we said, you should start with 20-30 pictures on Shutterstock and go up from there. We have seen many people add 5-10 pictures per week, but you can always add more.

If you are creative with the camera, then you can try and squeeze a few non-feet pictures in there too. They will tend to sell more often and it will allow you to break into brand-new markets. 

Marketing Feet Pics on Shutterstock 

Uploaded your pictures? Fantastic! Although, they aren’t going to sell quickly on Shutterstock. A few people may stumble across them, but it isn’t going to be enough to make a living. Not that we believe it is possible to make a living selling only foot photos on Shutterstock. Still, if you want to sell anything reasonable, you will need to market yourself.

At the very least, start up some social media accounts. Twitter and Instagram seem to be the big ones for pulling in feet photo fans. You may even want to check out TikTok, but most people don’t have a huge amount of success there.

Those who are serious about selling their feet photos online will probably want to create a website where they can promote the pictures.

In-depth instruction on how to promote your feet pics on Shutterstock is out of the scope of this guide. We could write pages and pages on it. If you find a guide about promoting any sort of business online, then you will find a ton of tips that you can use!

How To Sell Feet Photos Anonymously on Shutterstock

You absolutely can sell feet photos anonymously on Shutterstock. You will have to give the Shutterstock team your ID eventually (for legal purposes when it comes to getting paid), but you don’t have to let anybody on the Shutterstock platform know who you are. The following tips should help.

Choose the Right Username

As we said earlier on, if you want to stay anonymous when selling pictures online, then make sure that there is no identifier in your Shutterstock username i.e. no name, date of birth, location, etc. 

The great thing about Shutterstock is that people are far, far less likely to track you down if they want to get to know you. Once again, most people buying feet pics on Shutterstock are buying them for marketing purposes, nothing more. 

Make Sure Nothing is Identifiable in Your PIctures

This can be hard, especially since many of the best-selling feet pics on Shutterstock tend to make use of locations. Still, if you want to make sure that nobody can identify you through your Shutterstock account, then you will need to ensure that the background is non-descript i.e. nothing that gives away the location of where you are. Even something as simple as certain soda can designs can have an impact on identifiability.

You will also want to ensure that your face cannot be seen in the pictures. If you have any identifying marks on your feet e.g. certain tattoos, then selling feet pics may not be for you if you are planning on staying anonymous. 

Don’t Tell Your Friends & Family

Most people who want to stay anonymous when they are selling feet pics on Shutterstock don’t want their friends & family to know what they are doing to make money. Outside of your partner, don’t let anybody else know that you are selling feet pics online. The more people know what you are selling, the more chance there is of there being little slip-ups.

Don’t Sell on Shutterstock 

Honestly, if you want to stay anonymous, then don’t use Shutterstock. Use one of the other platforms that sell feet pics instead.

Shutterstock images are there to be shared. People buy them to post all over their websites. Some even become memes and travel around the internet.

If you post pictures on Shutterstock, then you can expect there to be thousands and thousands of eyes on them. Those images can end up anywhere. The more people that can see that image, the more chance there is of being identified. 

Use a Separate Email Address to manage Shutterstock 

When you make a Shutterstock account, we suggest that you stick it under a different email address (i.e. not the standard one that you use). This way if somebody accidentally glances at your email, they won’t know what you are doing.

If Somebody Does Find Out 

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot that you can do. You can tell them why you are trying to be anonymous and tell them that you do not wish them to tell other people. However, if somebody knows that you are selling feet pics on Shutterstock, they may end up telling somebody else, and there is not much that you can do to control them. 

Sell Feet Pics on Feetify – The Superior Platform

As we have said a few times now, Shutterstock is not a great place to sell your feet photos. If you want to sell feet photos online and make some serious cash from it, then you should use a dedicated platform like Feetify. Don’t get us wrong. Shutterstock can be a good supplement for your income, but that’s all it is really good for. With sites like Feetify, you can establish a good, solid full-time income once you have a bit of success. Let’s give you a few of the reasons why.

Dedicated Foot Fetish Fans

The reason why Shutterstock doesn’t work as well as a site for selling feet photos is down to the fact that people aren’t there to get horny for photos. Most people buying foot pics from Shutterstock have no foot fetish. They just want something that fits whatever project they are putting together.

With Feetify, things are different. Every buyer on that site is turned on by feet. This means that when you post pictures, you know that the pictures are only going to be broadcast to those who have already been proven to get turned on by those pictures. This means that you will often have far more stable sales, and even far more sales roll in. 

The fact that there are dedicated foot fetish fans on Feetify means that you can make much, much more money. 

Can Be Sexual With Your Images

Once again, Shutterstock does not allow you to be sexual with your images. This means that you are going to be massively limiting how much cash you can make from your photos. Most people who want foot fetish content want the pictures to be vaguely sexual.

Feetify is one of only a few foot fetish platforms that allows you to post other nude body parts alongside your photos. If you feel comfortable doing that, then you can make a ton of cash on Feetify. 

Custom Content

In the adult entertainment world, the real cash doesn’t come from the premade photos that you sell. Instead, it comes from the creation of custom content. You can make tens to hundreds of dollars per custom pic if you know what you are doing.

On Feetify, people can reach out and order custom content. If you are game, then you can make a day’s income with just a couple of snapped pictures.

Shutterstock does not allow this. People cannot place custom orders for your content, so you are leaving almost all of the cash in adult entertainment on the table.

People Willing To Pay More Money

Those who have a foot fetish are more likely to pay vast sums of cash for a picture of feet than those on Shutterstock. It is a much easier ‘sale’ if you have reasonably good-looking feet. 

More Sales 

Overall, you are going to make a lot more money selling your pictures on Feetify. A lot more money. More potential customers, more money for your content. What’s not to love?


How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pics on Shutterstock?

It depends on how well you market your content. You could make absolutely nothing, or you could make thousands of dollars. A lot of it will be based on luck too.

Is Shutterstock The Best Site For Selling Feet Pics?

No. Feetify is the best platform for selling feet pics, at least if you want to make money. People who sell feet pics on Shutterstock will rarely make all that much cash. People can make a living selling pics on Feetify

Can You Sell Custom Feet Pics on Shutterstock?

No, you cannot. You can only sell stock photos on Shutterstock. This means that your income potential on the platform will be highly limited.

Final Thoughts – Shutterstock, Is It The Right Platform For You?

Shutterstock is the best platform to sell feet photos if you are looking for more artistic shots. However, if you want to make a real income from your feet photos, then you need to head to a website with foot fetishists. This means sites like Feetify (the best of the feet platforms). Sure, you can make money selling feet pics on Shutterstock, but you can make a whole lot more elsewhere.

Sign up for Feetify today.

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