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You may be wondering, especially if you are just starting out as a feet content creator, how to go about selling your feet pictures. Worry not because we’ve got some tips for selling feet pictures for you.

First, I hope you have identified a feet-selling platform to begin with. We would highly recommend Feetify. It’s one of the leading and quite frankly what we would call the best feet-selling platform.

In this article, we shall give some essential tips and trips to help you know exactly what to do to successfully sell your feet pictures. This is a well-detailed guide on how to go about that.

How to Create High-Quality Feet Content.

One of the most important things buyers usually consider before spending their money on anything is quality. In this case, the quality of feet content you put out. Now, how can you ensure that the content you are creating is of high quality?

Let’s highlight and discuss some of the things you will need to look out for when creating your feet content to ensure that you achieve this.


Make no mistake about this. Grooming and appearance are some of the most important and sometimes even easiest ways for you to gain credibility. I mean, let’s be honest, we all love well-groomed individuals and things. 

Remember that appearance is not only the first thing buyers notice but also what makes drives them to make their decision on whether to purchase your content or not. Ensure you are creating a good impression. Now, what are some of the ways you can groom your feet?

  • Apply toenail polish. Choose polish colors that compliment your skin tone and make your toes pop.
  • Trim or smooth out your calluses, corns, and rough skin. You can use a pumice stone or a foot file at least once a week.
  • Clip your toenails properly. Ensure you trim them in a straight line then file them to smoothen your edges.
  • Moisturize your feet. You don’t want your feet looking ashy. This will put off potential buyers. Moisturize your feet once or twice a day using cream or lotion.
  • Remove stains from your toenails. 

Use good lighting.

Lighting plays a very important role in the creation of high-quality feet content just like any other type of content. The kind of lighting used determines the brightness of the image, the darkness, the mood, the tone and not forgetting the atmosphere. 

All these are aspects that collectively determine the success and quality of the videos and pictures taken. We would recommend that you use natural lighting when creating your content. It can be direct or indirect light. 

You can consider having your setup near the source of light be it a window, door or any other opening. Position yourself in such a way that you have control of the shadows cast to get the desired effects on your final products.

In the event you do not have access to good natural lighting, you can consider using artificial lighting. However, this has to be of very high quality and as close to natural lighting as possible in terms of brightness.

Mastering how to manipulate light to work to your advantage is also an important skill you need to learn. Manipulate light to fall on particular areas of interest to create the desired effects and focus on those areas. This kind of mastery will separate your work and put you on the road to achieving professional-looking content.

Incorporate Props and Accessories.

Accessorizing your feet when creating content adds visual interest to your photos. Some of the accessories we would recommend are anklets, toe rings, flowers, and the right shoes e.g. heels. Statistics show that feet content creators who accessorize and use props receive more offers and purchases compared to those who don’t.

When picking out accessories and props, keep in mind the shape, colors, and sizes of these items. Be intentional about choosing items that compliment your feet rather than take away from their beauty.  

We would also recommend that you try to incorporate natural aesthetics into your feet pictures. You can achieve this by using flowers, dipping your toes in a pool of water with floating petals or even posing on a bed of moss. Get as creative as possible to stand out.

Choose appealing backgrounds.

Your choice of background can make or break the quality of your content. Choose backgrounds that allow your feet to stand out. Avoid busy backgrounds to avoid creating distractions in your pictures and videos. Additionally, use clean backgrounds.

The most important thing you need to know before choosing a background is the mood or vibe you want to achieve. For example, if you want to achieve a cozy vibe, you can soft blankets as your background. 

If you want to achieve a cool nature vibe, you can use water and flowers as your background or as part of your props for the shoot. Remember, standing out will help you attract buyers to buy your feet content.

Experiment with different angles and perspectives. 

On Feetify, creators can post both pictures and videos of their feet. Experimenting with different angles and perspectives will help you create a wide variety of content. I mean who doesn’t want variety to choose from? 

There are many different camera angles you can explore when capturing your images.  Some of these include;

  • Close-up. Close-ups are achieved by zooming in and this helps you capture details like your toes. This creates unique and engaging content.
  • Bird’s Eye View. You can achieve this by capturing the images from above. This creates focus on the top of your feet and toes.
  • Side View. This involves taking photos from the side. Here, you get to capture the shape and length of your feet.
  • Bottom-Up View. Capture your images from a lower angle. This puts emphasis on your curves and contours.

Explore creative and unique poses.

Nobody wants to interact with basic or what some may call boring content. When you pose, you assume or hold particular physical positions to achieve creativity. Different poses tell different stories. 

Communicating certain emotions or feelings through poses creates engagement and pulls your audience. Some of the poses you can consider exploring include;

  • Crossed ankles. Cross one foot over the other showing off the side of your feet with a unique twist.
  • Heel Pop. Slightly lift your heel off the ground and create emphasis on the arch and shape of your foot.
  • Toe Point. Extend and flex your toes creating an elegant silhouette that highlights the contour of your feet
  • Foot Arch. Stand or sit with one foot resting on its side showing off the natural curve of your foot’s arch.

Statistics also show that buyers are more drawn to feet images where poses have been utilized.

Use good quality equipment.

Even after incorporating all these tips on selling feet, your choice of equipment determines the kind of quality you achieve in your content. The tips, skills, and choice of equipment go hand-in-hand.

We would recommend the following characteristics in your equipment of choice.

  • Full frame camera. High-quality, professional shots are achieved with full-frame cameras. If possible, acquire equipment with the highest possible frame. If not, maximize all the other tips and tricks to achieve the best possible quality.
  • Many pixels. This helps in maintaining the quality of object detail when cropping.
  • Low noise at high ISO values. This will help you achieve better low-light shooting.
  • Fast autofocus, bright lens.

Just like any other purchases people make, the quality and appearance of the posts highly influence the buyer’s decision on whether to make a purchase. So, strive to capture the buyers’ attention. So, regardless of what equipment you use, ensure you get high-resolution images.

How to Use Competitive But Fair Price For Your Feet Content.

When starting out as a feet content creator, it is important to know what considerations you need to make when setting prices for your feet content. At the very beginning, we would advise that you set relatively lower prices. 

Before gaining popularity, it is safe to use these discounted prices because as we all know, everyone loves a good deal. However, always keep in mind that this is a strategy. As buyers as start showing their interest in your content, gradually increase your prices. 

Doing this will help you avoid demotivation. The reviews you get from your very first customers will help you attract new buyers and help you build a brand and community. With that growth will come better prices. 

But even when setting relatively lower prices, ensure you price different qualities of content at different prices. Each is dependent on the level of quality. Do your research on the average market prices before you start pricing your content. 

For example, on Feetify which is the feet-selling platform we would recommend for you, the prices of feet range from $5 to $100. You can use such statistics to know where to work and know where on the price range your prices fall.

How to Make sure your profile stands out.

Another essential tip on how to successfully sell your feet pictures is ensuring that your profile stands out. Feet-selling platforms for example Feetify has very many creators and this makes it very competitive.

You, therefore, have to find ways to stand out in order to make buyers choose to purchase your content over other people’s content. Curate your profile to represent you and make sure that you do that excellently.

Now, let’s discuss some of the ways in which you can make your profile stand out.

Upload High-Quality Profile Pictures.

Use high-quality profile pictures. This is the first thing your buyers see when they come across your profile. So, strive to make it visually appealing and of good quality. A buyer cannot trust you to sell high-quality feet content if you’re profile pictures do not depict high quality. 

Buyers want to purchase feet content that is visually appealing to them. So never forget that in this feet-selling world, that’s the main and most important selling point. Invest in good quality equipment to help you achieve this. 

Think of all the things that make a picture appealing to the eye. From good lighting to high resolution to the angles, to proper framing. Leave no stone unturned. This will pique your buyer’s attention and get you closer to selling your feet pictures.

Have a catchy Profile Description

Your profile description is another essential factor to keep in mind. Make it descriptive, crisp, appealing, and captivating. Choose words that would buyers and keep them wanting more. Your choice of words here is important because it will help potential buyers find you when doing their search. 

Your profile description will make your content easy to find. Do extensive research to help you understand what buyers search for most. Make it easy for your buyers to find you and your content.

Engage With Your Buyers

Your communication and engagement with your buyers when trying to sell your feet content will go a long way. People love to feel heard and that you are present for them. Make your buyers feel like you are there for them.

It is also important to ask them for their feedback and then incorporate it into your future content for more customer satisfaction. Log into your account every so often (at least once a day) and make an attempt to build relationships with your buyers. 

That engagement creates warmth, trust and helps you build a community. This is good for business.

Be Consistent.

Another invaluable trick is staying consistent. Your buyers like everyone else find reassurance in knowing that you are reliable. Upload your content consistently and maintain the same high quality your buyers are used to.

The only time these two things are allowed to change is if that consistency is getting better. Do not introduce a vibe you cannot maintain. That will put off your customers. Consistency requires discipline. 

For to successfully sell feet pictures and keep improving, you will need to stay consistent. It will also help you keep growing and learning what about the content you need to improve.


You’ve probably heard this so many times before but as cliché as it might sound remember that practice makes perfect. Practice creates mastery. So, with time, you will find that the more you create feet content, the better your content and presence becomes.

How to Promote Your Content.

The other very important tip on how to successfully sell your feet pictures is learning how to market and promote your content. The goal here is to get more visible and consequently generate more traffic and profit. 

You need to know where and how to promote your content. Making good content is not enough. Making it known to other people and more so potential buyers is what increases your chances of getting purchases.

Here are some of the tips and tricks that will help you successfully promote your content.

Choose a niche.

Feet buyers like all other people with different fetishes have different preferences. This means that no content is a “one-fits-all” kind of content. It is therefore important to pick a specific audience to cater to. 

If you put yourself in a position where you are trying to please everyone, this may confuse both you and your potential buyers. Niching down makes your content more sought after. It also helps you become an expert in that niche as you focus on it.

This then enables you to build a community with your target audience. Declaring a specific niche will create clarity around what you provide as a creator hence pulling buyers because no one is overwhelmed trying to choose through your content to satisfy their needs. 

Customize your Feetify profile.

Customize your profile to make it attractive. This is an important part of marketing. Buyers should be able to tell from just looking at your profile what kind of a creator you are. The choice of profile picture, profile description, and bio state should be representative of your brand. Build a brand that people want to be associated with and that your target audience resonates with.

Work for positive reviews.

Most new buyers rely on feedback given by old buyers to help them decide whether your content is worth giving a shot. As a new creator, focus on providing the best experience for your buyers as this will earn you positive reviews. Positive reviews help you attract and reach more people. 

They also create a certain level of trust and confidence in your content. A buyer is more likely to proceed to buy your content if they see that other people had good things to say about it. Negative reviews will for sure chase potential buyers away.

Create dedicated social media accounts for promoting your feet’ content.

Another way in which you can promote your content is by creating separate accounts on popular social media platforms which would be solely dedicated to promoting your feet content. Talk about feet content on there and redirect the traffic to your Feetify account.

This will help you maintain professionalism while keeping posts separate form business-related content. The same rules apply for these accounts, use catchy profile pictures, and make your account appealing to buyers.

Share links to your profile.

Another way you can market yourself as a feet content creator is by telling other people about what you do and by sharing your account with them. This may help you reach new audiences and grow traction to your account.

If you are comfortable with them knowing, tell your friends and family and share with them links to your profile so they can share them with other people. 

Grow Your Community.

One of the most important things when growing in the feet-selling industry like any other industry is building trust. How you deal with your clients is the determining factor on whether they stay and keep consuming your content or not. 

Ensure that you give your buyers the best experience and this makes them want to become consistent followers. Expand and grow your knowledge in the industry and this will go a long way in helping you grow your followers.

As mentioned before, the human touch and availability go a long way. Make your feet-selling business customer-oriented and watch it grow tremendously. This is one of the most important tips on selling feet pictures that you’ll get.


How to sell pics on Feetify.

Visit the official Feetify website and sign up. After creating an account, start creating feet content, price your content, and then upload it onto your account. Interested buyers will express their interest and then make their purchase. This is just a brief description of how to use Feetify.

Standing out and being consistent are some of the most important Feetify tips and tricks.

Is selling feet safe?

Well, this depends on the platform you choose to sell your feet on. We would advise that you pick a site that puts its buyers’ and sellers’ safety first. One of the sites that prioritizes this is Feetify. On Feetify, you are guaranteed safety while selling your feet pictures.

Can I make money when selling feet?

Absolutely. Millions of feet content creators are making a living selling feet online. This industry has become popular and is still growing. On a platform like Feetify, there are even more than one ways to make money.


The tips for selling feet pictures that are highlighted in this article are going to come in handy when you’re creating feet content. With these and the best feet-selling platform, Feetify, you are guaranteed to successfully attract buyers to sell your content and make money selling feet on Feetify

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