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If you have never been turned on by feet, then it wouldn’t be all that surprising if you are a bit confused about why feet pics are a thing. After all, why is something paying for pictures of feet pics when they can see pics of boobs, asses, or whatever? Well, there are some good reasons for that. More on that soon, though.

On this page, we are going to take a look at a few things. We will start by looking at why are feet pics a thing. This means discussing why people buy and sell their feet pics online. We will then look at the best feet pic platforms where feet pics sell.

By the end of this page, whether selling feet pics showing your feet (and perhaps other body parts) is worth looking into.

What Are Feet Pics?

When you buy or sell feet pics, you are doing pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Feet pics are just pictures of your feet. While you may include a couple of extra body parts in there (if you feel especially kinky or want to make more money), the bulk of the focus of the feet pics will be the feet.

In recent years, feet pics showing faces have become much more popular, and where the bulk of the money is in this competitive industry. But, anybody that buys feet pics is (mostly) looking for feet.

Feet pics are mostly snapped by women, with men buying them. While there are men selling feet pics on platforms like Feetify, they are not as popular so you won’t stumble across them too often.

Why Do People Buy Feet Pics?

Well, we are all attracted to different things. You may find people that love boobs. You may find people that love asses. Both are rather sexually attractive body parts. Feet falls into the same category. Let’s be honest, people can get turned on by just about anything, and feet are one of the more ‘normal’ things that people can get turned on about.

The vast majority of people who are buying feet pics online are buying them because they are sexually attracted to feet. They love them. It turns them on, and they will often masturbate over the pictures. They just love the way that they look.

Other parts of the market buy feet photos for advertising, etc. So, you can sell feet pics somewhere like Shutterstock and have people pick up your photos for adverts, websites, etc.

Honestly, there is a pretty big market out there for feet pics. It would be almost impossible for us to go through all of the reasons why foot pics are a major thing for so many people. Rest assured that the bulk of the people who are picking up these pics are going to be foot fetishists, while others are going to be using them in promotional materials.

Feet pics are not going away anytime soon. We reckon that they are just going to get a lot more popular over time.

Why Do People Sell Feet Pics?

So, why do people sell pics? Why are feet pics a thing for sellers? Well, for pretty much the same reasons.

A lot of people who sell feet pics genuinely get turned on by snapping photos. They love the fact that the pics that they take are making other people horny. Although, admittedly, these people are few and far between. Most of the people who do want people to get turned on by their feet want to be looking at the other person at the same time. It makes it so much hotter.

Honestly, the vast majority of people who sell feet pics do so because they want to make a bit of cash. There is a lot of money to make in feet pic selling (particularly on websites like Feetify), and it is often seen as ‘better’ than other sexual niches because there isn’t any need to get naked on camera.

In addition to this, a lot of people opt to sell feet pics online because they want to test out their photography skills. As we mentioned in the previous section, a lot of the people who are selling feet pictures online are selling them for use in advertising, etc. When you sell feet pics online, you can get creative with how you take your photographs with a fixed subject. You can mix up the lighting, where the photographs are snapped, etc.

Of course, some people take photos of a combination of all of these things. We reckon that the vast majority of people who do end up selling feet pics online do so because it turns them on, they want to make money, and they want to improve their photography skills. If you fall into all of those categories, then we reckon that you can make way more money than the vast majority of people selling feet pics online, but that’s a story for another day.

Are Feet Pics Legal To Sell?

In most places, there should be no legal restrictions on selling feet pics online. It isn’t a sexualized body part, after all. However, you will have to think about the platform that you are selling the picture on.

For example, if you opted to sell the pictures on Shutterstock, then you will probably need a model release, or prove that you are over the age of 18. They do not want people selling pictures underage without permission.

If you used a website designed for foot fetishists, then you will always have to be over the age of 18. It is classed as porn, and this is the law in pretty much every single country. This means Feetify will ask that you show them your ID before you can start selling. Although, don’t worry. They won’t share your ID with anybody else.

Of course, you will need to look into the laws of the country that you live in. This is because things can vary drastically around the world. We can’t possibly go through the laws in every single country here.

The Pros of Selling Feet Pics Online

To understand how feet pics are a thing, we should probably talk about the pros of selling feet pics online. This should probably let you know why so many people have hopped on over to sites like Feetify.

It’s Easy

Seriously. It has never been easier to start selling feet pics online. There are plenty of platforms that allow you to sell pics including Shutterstock, Tinder, etc. However, the best platform is Feetify.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you can start uploading pictures to Feetify today and be making cash in a very quick amount of time. How cool is that?

Most people have all the equipment that they need too. While you could probably make a bit more cash if you have professional camera equipment, we know of countless people making thousands of dollars a month selling their feet pics through Feetify with nothing more than their cellphones.

Upload a couple of snaps, and you could be making cash incredibly quickly!

 You Can Make a Lot of Money

This will depend on how well you market yourself. While you probably won’t make as much selling feet pics online as you would selling full nudes, there is still a ton of cash to be made. Some of the best-marketed profiles on sites like Feetify are making thousands of dollars per month with very little effort.

Seriously. Selling feet photos online could make you as much cash as a full-time job with only half the amount of effort. You will be your boss too, which probably will help a whole lot when it comes to fun too. You are in charge of the content that you create, when you want to create it.

You Can Remain Anonymous

There is no denying that there is a lot of money to be made in the adult entertainment business. A lot of it. The problem is that if you want to get stuck in the industry, you will often need to show your face. This could impact jobs, families, and friends. So, most people know that people would pay cash for how great they look, but they don’t want to get into adult entertainment.

This is why feet pics are a thing right now. It is one of the few forms of adult entertainment where you don’t need to show your face at all. Sure, the people who do show their faces will often make a lot more cash online. But, there is no requirement to do so.

Of course, if you want to remain anonymous, then you will need to take steps to make yourself anonymous. Although, this isn’t too difficult and you can find guides on this website that will give you more information about that.

People Want To Buy Feet Pics

The market for feet pics is there, so why wouldn’t you want to sell feet pics to people? Before the internet rolled around, people were into their feet pics, but they struggled to find them. You certainly would have struggled to sell them. Adult stores were hardly lined with VHS of feet pics, right?

The internet has changed this. Now it is easy to sell pictures, and it is easy to find pictures. A lot of people are into the foot fetish, and if you have decent-looking feet, then you can cater to these hordes of buyers. You will be surprised at how much of a market there is, and how easy it can be to tap into that market when you use the right platform.

 It Isn’t as Sexual As Other Fetishes

Some people enjoy the fact that selling feet pics isn’t as sexual as selling other pics in the adult entertainment world. It’s just feet, after all. You probably show your feet when walking around outside in the summer or something like that.

So, for many, selling feet pics is a great way to crack into the online adult entertainment market without actually having to get naked. Although, once again, if you want, you can make more money getting naked.

People find that selling feet pics is safe compared to other methods of selling content online, which is awesome!

It’s Fun

Some people just really love the thrill of selling their feet pics online. We reckon that this is one of the main reasons why selling feet pics online has become so popular with people. It is just plain fun.

If you are learning how to hone your photography skills, then snapping pictures of your feet is a fantastic route to go down. As the money rolls in from selling your pictures, you will find that the praise is motivating.

We won’t lie, a lot of people will also get fun from the fact that they know that they are turning people on when it comes to selling their feet pics online, and that is awesome! Whatever floats your boat, and this is probably one of the main reasons why feet pics are a thing.

The Cons of Selling Feet Pics Online

Of course, there are some downsides to selling feet pics online. So, while selling feet pics is a thing, you have to bear in mind that you may stumble across a few issues.

It is Tough To Stay Anonymous

While we did state that it is easier to stay anonymous when you are selling feet pics online, it is still going to be exceedingly tough unless you know what you are doing. So, don’t get into selling feet pics online if you are worried about being identified at some point.

It’s Selling Adult Content

At the end of the day, no matter how you dress it up, some people just are not huge fans of selling adult content. Even if you use a website to sell feet pics e.g. Shutterstock, it is almost certain that people will get off to your pictures. Some people don’t like this feeling.

Easy to Get Scammed – Unless the Pics Platforms are Real

It is incredibly easy to get scammed selling feet pics unless you know what you are doing. This is why it is so, so important that you use reputable platforms such as Feetify to start selling your pictures.

We have seen people sell pictures through Tinder, etc. and they quickly discovered that their content was stolen from them, e.g. chargebacks, etc., or people just didn’t bother paying at all.

Thankfully, this is one of the negatives that you can avoid if you put a bit of effort into choosing the right platform.

Paying Taxes Selling Pics

Yep. If you sell pics online, you will probably need to pay tax on those pictures, although it will be highly dependent on where you are living. We can’t go through the tax laws for every country here, so you are going to need to do a bit of research yourself. However, if you live in the United States, we can almost guarantee that you that there will be some taxes due.

Hard To Make a Living

We have talked about how you can make thousands of dollars selling feet pics online, which you can do. It is one of the reasons why feet pics are a thing. However, you are going to need to put some effort into gaining that money. You can’t just wait for the money to roll in. So, it can be tough to make an income, at least during the early days. Once you have gained a few customers then fantastic!

The Best Feet Pics Platforms

Feet pics are a thing because websites have appeared that have helped to make feet pics a thing. We doubt that it would be as popular as it was if there weren’t top-feet fetish websites out there.

The best foot fetish platform is Feetify. It is the only platform that we recommend for those who are serious about making cash online. Let’s explain why.

It Is Popular

As we said, if you want to make money from foot fetish content, then you will need to market to the right people. Not everybody is going to buy foot fetish stuff. They are only going to buy content when they are into feet.

Because Feetify is the premier online website for foot fetish content, you will find that there are a lot of buyers there absolutely excited to buy your feet photos. Very little marketing is needed to get those initial sales (we have seen people make cash from day 1).

It Is Safe

Feetify takes anonymity seriously. They will not share details of who you are, and they have worked hard to ensure that their systems are completely secure. While you will have to share your ID with Feetify(for legal purposes), it will not be shown to anybody else.

Feetify will also have your back if you run into any issues with customers. This means no chance of getting scammed for your content, etc.

Pictures Sell For a Lot

Because this is a platform dedicated to foot fetish content, you will find that pictures sell for a lot more than any other platform. Most people should be able to get $5-$10 per picture they post on Feetify, while on other websites you would struggle to get the same amount of cash for dozens and dozens of photos.

Custom Photos

If you are serious about making cash through feet pic selling, then you need a website that allows you to sell custom content. This is where all the money is and, with the right skills, you can easily sell custom content (pics and videos) for way more than any other type of pic. Some people are commanding between $50 and $100 for a single picture, that’s how great the custom content market is!

Most platforms where you can sell feet pics don’t allow you to sell custom content. You just have to put up with standard sales, so if you use a platform other than Feetify, then you are seriously limiting how much cash you can make.


Does the foot fetish exist?

Yes. It is one of the more common ‘kinks’ in the adult entertainment world, and plenty of websites (including Feetify) sell tons of photos per day.

Why do people buy foot pics?

Most people get turned on by foot pics, although some people will buy the pics for advertising purposes, etc. The platform will determine why people are buying pics e.g. Shutterstock is for advertising, while Feetify is for fetish content.

Why do people sell feet pics?

Some use it to practice their photography skills, but most of the people selling feet pics online are there to make some cash with it. If you are lucky, you can make thousands of dollars per month selling feet pics online.

Final Thoughts

Feet pics are a thing because people get turned on by feet. It is as simple as that. Since it is probably one of the ‘safer’ adult entertainment industries to enter, most people shouldn’t have too many issues selling their feet pics to people too, especially if they use platforms like Feetify.

If you want to find out more about how feet pics are a thing, then check out Feetify. You will see a huge number of people who are making serious amounts of cash through the platform. You can too!

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